Registration of 5 times presence of Iranian cheetah in Miandasht/extinction of this rare animal species is not true – rahnam

Referring to the increase in the number of deer in Miandasht, Reza Shekarian, in an interview with rahnam reporter in Bojnord, stated: The increasing growth of the number of deer in the protected area of ​​Miandasht in the past three years is unprecedented.

He added: “The number of deer in the Midandasht plain is at the highest level compared to the last 50 years and has grown by 40% compared to last year.” The region’s mammal census shows this growth.

The director general of the environment of North Khorasan, about the importance of deer in the region for the prey of the rare species of Iranian cheetah in this region, also said: with the efforts of environmentalists, the material and spiritual support of the authorities and the friends of nature, the rare species of the Asian cheetah has been supported in terms of prey and species of deer in to be in a favorable situation.

Shekarian stated: Today, Miandasht is at the top of the protected areas for keeping and living deer, and there is no more concern about drought in this area.

The general director of environment of the province said: “Miandasht Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best deer habitats in the country.” The sighting of several Iranian yaks in recent years in this park also indicates the presence of this valuable species due to the presence of deer in the region.

He added: Since 2002, adult and cubs have been photographed several times in this area and there are documented reports of their sightings. Also, the research of the Iranian Cheetah Association shows that the cheetah generation in this area has never been extinct and at least 4 cheetahs have been killed in this area in the last two decades.

Shekarian continued: During the year 1402, more than 5 times, images of the presence of the Asiatic cheetah have been recorded in this area, which shows the non-extinction of this rare animal species and its revival in the Midlands.

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