Central Bank: “Noor” depositors and employees should not worry/ the branch board will change – rahnam

According to the economic correspondent of rahnam News Agency, according to the previous announcement of the Central Bank, this bank intends to determine the tasks of 3 credit institutions and one bank by the end of the year; Based on this, the Development Credit Institution was officially dissolved in recent months.

With the announcement of Central Bank, from today, Noor Ham credit institution was transferred to Melli Bank of Iran in line with the country’s banking system reform program. On this basis, the deposits, assets, facilities, employees and branches of Noor Credit Institution will be transferred to the National Bank of Iran.

Farshad Mohammadpour, appearing on News 14 of Ik Sima channel, stating that the Central Bank has started measures in line with the reform program of the banking system and the supervisory policies and transparency of the banking system, he said: the head of this bank also in a Last year, especially at the beginning of this year, he announced that one of the important issues considered by the Central Bank is the reform of the banking system, and therefore actions were taken regarding some institutions.

He continued: The former Noor Credit Institution will operate as a National Bank from Saturday. The depositors, deposits, branches and employees of facilities and assets of this institution are all under the management of National Bank since Saturday.

Pointing out that there is no need for any action by the depositors of the former Noor credit institution, the deputy supervisor of the central bank stated: He has considered the preparations for this matter in the past few months and there are continuous meetings in this regard in the central bank, the National Bank and the former Noor credit institution. has been held Therefore, all forecasts are taken into account and customers, depositors and facility receivers do not take any special action.

Mohammadpour announced the consideration of a three-month transition period and said: We have predicted a three-month transition period during which the depositors will receive all the services they received before and even more services through the same Branches that previously belonged to Noor Credit Institution will follow up and after this three-month transition period, customers of Noor Credit Institution will have National Bank account numbers. But during the transition period, these customers will be considered as National Bank of Iran customers from Saturday. Therefore, the branches are the same and only the signs are changed to National Bank of Iran.

Regarding the status of employees of Noor Credit Institution, he mentioned: The employees of Noor Credit Institution are employees of National Bank of Iran as of Saturday. Therefore, there is no reason to worry for the employees and depositors of the credit institution. The peace and security of employees and people is the concern of the members of the system and especially the head of the central bank. This is a win-win action, and the employees will be transferred to a more reliable bank from Saturday, and the National Bank will compensate for the lack of human resources in providing services to the people through Noor Credit Institution. Because these forces are generally young and have an average work experience of 12 years.

In the end, the Deputy Supervisor of the Central Bank noted: If customers encounter any problems, they can follow up on these issues through the website of the Central Bank, the National Bank of Iran, and the former Noor Credit Institution itself. Fortunately, necessary arrangements have been made in this regard and communication routes have been considered.

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