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According to the foreign policy group of rahnam news agency, Hossein Amirabdollahian, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country, was supposed to give a speech at yesterday’s meeting of the Security Council, but due to the delay in issuing the visas of the Iranian delegation from the United States, it was not possible for the delegation of our country to attend. Therefore, the speech of the foreign minister of our country has been registered in the United Nations by the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran in New York.

The full text of Amir Abdullahian’s speech is as follows:

Mr. President, Your Excellency Wang Yi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of China,

Respected delegations present in this meeting,


I am happy to share some points with you on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran at this important meeting of the United Nations Security Council.

Holding this meeting today, that is, on November 29, which was called by the United Nations General Assembly 46 years ago The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People is named, we take it as a good omen. The spirit of holding this meeting to draw attention to the humanitarian disaster imposed on Gaza is very important and valuable, but such meetings can only be considered really useful if they lead to concrete measures to reduce the suffering of the oppressed Palestinian people and permanently stop the ongoing process of generation. killing the Palestinian people, especially in Gaza.

We must openly and courageously admit that the United Nations and especially the Security Council have so far failed to fulfill their legal and moral responsibilities regarding the Palestinian issue. This failure was mostly caused by the unquestioning support of the US to the occupying regime and the prevention of any effective measures to hold Israel accountable. This is a moral failure for the international community and the United Nations system, but the main responsibility lies with the powers that persistently prevent the Security Council from playing its role according to the United Nations Charter.

Today More than ever beforeResolution 2217 It is referred to, a resolution that was issued very late and with weak content, but it is a small step in the right direction that needs to be strengthened seriously. The natural expectation of the international community was that the Security Council would intervene immediately after the indiscriminate attacks on Gaza began and prevent the continued killing of innocent people. Who can hide that the full-scale aggression of the occupying regime to Gaza? The title of the strip, which is considered one of the most densely populated areas in the world and has been under complete siege for the past 17 years, and the killing of thousands of innocent people, more than 70% of whom are women and children, has not threatened international peace and security? The intensity and volume of civilian killings during the 50 days of Israel’s attack on Gaza was unprecedented, and the number of children and women killed in Gaza alone is more than the total number of women and children who were killed in various conflicts of the past year around the world, including the conflict in Ukraine. have arrived. This is despite the fact that the racist regime’s repression and killing machine has killed or wounded more than 3100 Palestinians in the West Bank at the same time and during the same period of two months.

Who can ignore the fact that the blind and indiscriminate bombing of Gaza using 2,000 pound bombs and other prohibited weapons including phosphorous bombs that did not exclude any place including hospitals and mosques and churches and schools are all elements of crimes. Has international violence included war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity? How can the inaction of the Security Council be justified in the face of the terrible humanitarian disaster in Gaza?

Mr boss,

Now the Security Council and its members are facing a very serious test. In a situation where Gaza has been under occupation and siege for 50 days under the most severe military attacks and has lost more than 16,000 of its children, 6,000 of whom are children and 4,000 of whom are mothers, and in a situation where more than half of the north Gaza has turned into a pile of dirt, nothing short of guaranteeing a complete halt to Israel’s criminal attacks will make up for a small part of the international community’s moral shame towards the Palestinian people and the Islamic world.

It is necessary to be careful that the human interruption, despite its usefulness, does not become an excuse to purify past crimes and an opportunity to prepare new crimes.

Mr boss,

The tragedy of Palestine, as a humanitarian, moral and legal issue with global dimensions, did not start on October 7. The occupying regime and its supporters and defenders should not be allowed to spread the truth and lies, the long reality of occupation, oppression, humiliation and genocide of a nation. which continues continuously for more than 8 decades – Push them to the sidelines. Violence and conflict in the Middle East was not the choice of the Palestinian people and the nations of the region. Violence is a commodity imposed on the region by the occupation and the superior racial self-concept of the Zionist ideology. A continuous and repressive occupation that began in 1920, was institutionalized in 1948 and forced the displacement of one million Palestinians, and expanded in subsequent years through aggression and military force, and It has continued until today through the confiscation of Palestinian lands and the construction of new settlements, a reflection of a supremacist and racist mentality that does not give equal human rights to the people under occupation.

The crime and genocide of the Palestinian people should not be normalized. This is a legal and moral duty according to Article 1 of the Geneva Four Conventions of 1949 and the Genocide Convention of 1948. Criminals should not be allowed to make excuses for crimes committed by others on another continent decades ago against Jews, or by accusing critics of “anti-Semitism”.) avoid accountability before the international community and continue the genocide of the Palestinian nation. The legitimate and legal resistance of the Palestinian nation to gain the right to self-determination and defend the human rights and human dignity of the Palestinians is an accepted right according to the United Nations Charter and international law, and no person or country or organization can deprive the Palestinians of this right. . Describing the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people for the right to self-determination as terrorism is a clear and conscious violation of the United Nations Charter and the mandatory rules of international law, and is an immoral and reprehensible act.

Mr boss, Dear colleagues,

The Islamic Republic of Iran, within the framework of its principled policy of opposing aggression and use of force in international relations, occupation, racism and racial discrimination, as well as in line with its responsible policy to protect regional and international peace and security, supports the legitimate movement And the law of the Palestinian nation continues to free itself from the occupation and apartheid imposed on the Palestinian land.

In the current situation, what should be the priority of the efforts of the UN Security Council and all governments is to ensure a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, prevent the expulsion of Palestinians from their homeland, and immediately deliver humanitarian food and medical aid to the people of Gaza. Electricity and fuel. All Palestinians, including 7 million displaced people and Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, are directly and indirectly mourning their lost loved ones. Most of the population of Gaza lost their homes and properties during the Israeli attacks.

The world cannot remain indifferent to this obvious cruelty, which is a gross violation of human rights and humanitarian rights and an example of the most severe international crimes. The impunity of the designers, executors and perpetrators of atrocity crimes), is a license and incentive to repeat these crimes. Based on this, the trial and execution of justice for the perpetrators of these crimes should be placed on the serious agenda of the international community. Governments that for decades have presented themselves as the self-proclaimed claimants of human rights and humanitarian rights and many times under the pretext of violating human rights. on very small scales and incomparable to what happened in Gaza They have resorted to using international mechanisms to discredit developing countries, they failed the test of honesty and true belief in their claims. The hypocrisy and double standard in relation to human rights distorts the rule of law in international relations and makes the field more ready for criminals and violators of international law.

This is not something that any responsible and peace-loving government would like. Hoping for the liberation of the Palestinian people from the occupation and oppression of the occupiers.

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