Admiral Siari: America does not dare to take military action against Iran/ the army will never allow aggression – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Shiraz, Admiral Habibullah Sayari, Chief of Staff and Deputy Coordinator of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, said at the unveiling ceremony of the documentary “Driadel” in Shiraz: Before the Al-Aqsa storm operation, the Palestinian issue is on the verge of being forgotten or becoming a conventional issue in the Middle East. but after that it came to the top of the world’s issues; After this operation, the issue of the siege of 16 Gaza as a military prison became an important issue of the world and received attention.

The chief of staff and the deputy coordinator of the army added: Before, some countries such as Bahrain, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia sought to establish communication with the Zionist regime and implement the “Abraham Pact”, but after the recent war and the crimes of the usurping regime, these communications went to waste. After the Al-Aqsa storm attack, the Zionist regime’s heme was broken and the inefficiency of their iron wall and dome became more apparent than before.

He stated that they had previously introduced Hamas as a terrorist group, but its position today has caused it to negotiate with the Zionist regime while it was seeking to destroy it, and clarified: Netanyahu’s government, which before the attack of Hamas, It also lacked internal validity, now it is in a very weak position and there is a possibility of its trial.

The chief of staff and deputy coordinator of the army continued: The Zionist regime had brought its forces to the Caucasus region before the Al-Aqsa storm operation, but it has returned its forces after the conflict in this war. The commercial corridor that the US proposed to establish in India has been completely closed today and after the Al-Aqsa storm attack.

Sayari said: Today, after the Al-Aqsa storm and the crimes of the Zionist regime, public opinion has supported the Palestinian people, and the release of Palestinian prisoners is another victory of the Al-Aqsa storm. After this operation, the resistance forces were also activated in Yemen, Syria and Iraq.

In response to the question why Islamic Iran should be strong and have power at the level of the Islamic Revolution, the Chief of Staff and Deputy Coordinator of the Army explained: Iran’s situation is such that there has always been a threat against it and it will continue in the future. First, Iran is known as the crossroads of the world in geopolitical maps and has a special position, as it was occupied during the Second World War despite the declaration of neutrality.

Admiral Siari continued: 70% of the world’s oil and gas energy is located in the “Energy Oval” which extends from Russia to the Persian Gulf and Iran is located exactly in the middle of this oval, considering that there is still a long time to replace fossil fuels. Iran is always under threat and greed.

The Chief of Staff and Deputy Coordinator of the Army named the ideals of the Islamic Revolution as the third reason for the importance of Iran’s strengthening and said: The Islamic Revolution has been anti-arrogance from the beginning, and the United States has resorted to terror, war, threats and sanctions against Iran since its expulsion from Iran until now. He has acted in such a way that Iran has 17 thousand terrorist martyrs.

He added: The Islamic Revolution led to the defeat of the hegemony of global arrogance in the world, and Iran is anti-arrogance, and they will not stop taking action against it. The purpose of creating all these US air and naval bases in the region is Iran, and if it has not stopped so far They haven’t taken any action because they don’t have the courage to do so and the experience of the holy defense has shown them that the people of Iran are not like other parts of the world who allow their country to be invaded.

He stated: These conditions show the necessity of strengthening Iran, and of course, we must have a plan for the future, because the future threats are based on technology, cognitive and hybrid warfare. We must maintain the internal security and borders of the country, because the excitement of life The people are in the shadow of the security of the country and its borders, otherwise everything we have built will be destroyed. Today, Iran has reached a level of power at the level of the Islamic Revolution, which is a deterrent, but we should not settle for this position.

Referring to some of Iran’s deficiencies in the eight years of holy defense, the chief of staff and deputy coordinator of the army said: while in the war imposed on Iran, it faced problems in supplying parts to the point where cannonballs were rationed, today it is possible in all fields. It has production, and now more than 16 modern systems have been produced in air defense. If we didn’t have the parts, today we would make airplanes, and if we were not given drones, today they are trying to prevent the export of drones from Iran.

He added: Today, Iran has a high capacity in the field of producing missiles, submarines, electronic and cyber warfare tools, and other land, destroyer and air equipment. be aware

The chief of staff and deputy coordinator of the army, while congratulating the navy, said: “This day should be named the day of sacrifice for the death of the leader of the revolution, and we should remember the martyrs.”

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