Zarepour: The memorandum of understanding for the development of Iranian platforms in Iraq is ready to be signed – rahnam

According to the reporter of the rahnam news agency’s government field, Isa Zarepour, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, on the sidelines of the meeting of the government delegation, told reporters, referring to his recent trip to Iraq: In this trip, he focused on the development of interactions with neighboring countries, especially Iraq, which is one of our main plans in It is the Ministry of Communications, it was emphasized.

He added: In this context, with the cooperation of the Iraqi Ministry of Communications, special facilities were considered for the pilgrims of Imam Hussein (AS) during this year’s Arbaeen, and we saw a reduction in the price of services.

Zarepour stated: In the field of postal activities, a memorandum of understanding is ready to be signed to facilitate postal exchanges between Iran and Iraq, and we are also preparing a joint memorandum for joint cooperation in the field of activities of Iranian platforms in Iraq.

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