The 4th Pride of Iran Literary Conference and the unveiling ceremony of the martyred Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh’s car were held – rahnam

According to the cultural reporter of rahnam news agency, the fourth Pride of Iran Literary Conference and the unveiling of the car of martyr Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh were held in the garden of the Holy Defense Museum in Tehran.

Hojatul Islam Aghajanpour, Head of Political Ideology of the Ministry of Defense, while expressing some moral characteristics of Martyr Fakhrizadeh, said: Anonymity was one of the distinguishing characteristics of the Martyr. He was so anonymous and wanted to remain anonymous that there is not even a twenty-minute film about him. After his testimony, they were looking for photos and videos of him to identify him and it was hard to find. Humility was one of his other characteristics. When you met him, he would stand in front of others with his hands on his chest.

He added: Shahid Fakhrizadeh produced power for the country. Shahid Fakhrizadeh was a martyr in the field of science, technology and progress. The enemies could not see and tolerate a strong Iran. Those who said that we don’t need weapons, those who said that the era of missiles is over and we don’t need them, today they understand that if a country cannot defend itself, the enemies will squeeze the throat of that nation with their boots. The Qur’an says: “And you were against them with all your strength”; Prepare as much as you can to deal with the enemy. May the Righteous Army gain such strength that it “terrorizes the enemy of Allah and your enemy”; Fear the enemies of God and you. Shahid Fakhrizadeh and nuclear scientists produced authority for us.

Aghajanpour continued: Today we observe the situation of the oppressed people of Gaza and Palestine. A nation that was unfairly driven from its land, home, and village, “those who left their country without the right” during the 75 years, anyone who resisted was fired upon. When the Al-Aqsa storm started, for the first time after 75 years, a corner of the resistance front entered the Zionist lands and the heads of the countries trembled.

Brigadier General Amir Sohrabi, the deputy of the Foundation for the Preservation of Antiquities and the Publication of Sacred Defense Values, said in this ceremony: “In order for this pride of Iran to always be in front of the eyes of the Iranian people, we will make an unveiling so that our youth can be proud and feel proud of such a scientist.” Our scientist was unknown and his many efforts are still unknown and confidential. Little by little, it will show its effects in the future.

He added: We went to their office some time before their testimony, and I asked a question during that meeting. I said where are we in the laser field? He smiled and said that we are not far behind them. I asked, it took a long time, where is the problem? Amiyaneh said that the problem is that in the laser discussion, both the weapon and the target are moving. Whoever overcomes this problem, he is ahead. The likes of Martyr Fakhrizadeh have increased our national power. In the future, we will reveal confidential and classified documents of the honors of this honorable martyr so that our nation and our youth can be proud of this scientist.

In this literary gathering, some of our religious poets read poems in honor of martyr Fakhrizadeh.

Hamid Horjoo recited verses as follows:
This red hand will not let go of our skirt
Written with the blood line of our bright destiny
It is the reason for Iran’s honor and Iranian pride
It is the truth that he has the right to blame us
It is a testimony to the success of this dynasty
Death will not reach our Shion
The good life of love is his dignity
How much the spirit of epic breathed in our bodies
Despite the sedition of waves and storms
Let me know that Mohsen Ma has reached the shore
It can be said of his great effort
Our Alkan language cannot be described
Courage throbbed with blood, but a thousand other Mohsens fell into line
Tell our enemy that he is broken
Inside his chest is the secret of our opening
What repeated wounds in history

But he did not give it to the foreigner of our homeland
Our true witness is burnt words
And the nest of phoenixes is our homeland

In this ceremony, the book “Pride of Iran” written by Mohammad Mahdi Abdullahi was unveiled with the presence of the son of martyr Fakhrizadeh. This book contains the poems of prominent poets of the country in the description of martyr Dr. Fakhrizadeh.

Shahid Fakhrizadeh, Shahid Tehrani Moghadam, Museum of Islamic Revolution and Sacred Defense,

In the continuation of this ceremony, the families of nuclear martyrs were honored.

At the end of the conference, the car of Shahid Fakhrizadeh, which was the target of the terrorist attack, was unveiled.

Martyr Fakhrizadeh was the target of Zionist terrorist operations on Mustafa Khomeini Blvd. in Absard city of Damavand on Friday, December 7th of 2019, which led to the martyrdom of this eminent and distinguished nuclear and defense scientist of our country.

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