Representative of the Islamic Jihad Movement: The names of spies inside Iran fell into the hands of the resistance with the Al-Aqsa storm operation – rahnam

According to the political group of rahnam news agency, the 104th monthly meeting of the Islamic community of administrators was held with the focus on analyzing the developments in Gaza. In this meeting, Nasser Abu Sharif, the representative of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement in Iran, explained the extension of the ceasefire in the West Bank of the Jordan River and said: The main issue of this ceasefire is the exchange of prisoners and the arrival of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. The main purpose of the exchange is for the whole world to know that we are hostages. We have with Israel.

He stated that a large number of Palestinian prisoners are in the captivity of the regime that usurped Quds and are under severe torture, and noted that among the prisoners there are a significant number of women, children, the elderly, and the sick. They are military, while they ignore all the Palestinian people who have been under Israeli siege for years.

Abu Sharif clarified: The purpose of Al-Aqsa storm operation was an attempt to foil the conspiracy against Palestine, the Zionist regime was trying to normalize relations with Arab and Islamic countries within the framework of the Ibrahim agreement. The Islamic Republic of Iran was on the agenda.

The representative of the Islamic Jihad movement added: The achievements of the Al-Aqsa storm operation are beyond imagination, because it was not imagined that all the intelligence agencies of the world were asleep, fifty Israeli bases were captured by the resistance and many soldiers were killed. In this operation, the resistance managed to destroy the Israeli intelligence servers. brought inside Gaza, there were names of many spies on this server, even spies inside the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Emphasizing that this operation exposed the true face of Israel, he said: This operation showed that the Zionist regime is not able to survive alone, we even witnessed the presence of Biden in the war operations room of the Zionist regime. The information was self-confident and this confidence was revoked after the operation.

Abu Sharif considered the Al-Aqsa storm operation a fatal blow to the Israeli economy and the industries and agriculture of this regime and reminded: Today this regime has lost its popularity in the West, Western leaders admit in their private meetings that this regime has become a political and economic burden for them. Is.

The representative of the Islamic Jihad movement said: The Zionist regime called this operation Iron Swords, but the blood of Palestinian children won over it. This regime is looking for victory, because otherwise its operatives will go to the slaughterhouse, and after the Gaza war, there will be more internal problems. It is possible, there will be confrontation and conflict between the extreme rightists and the secularists, the plan of the religious people in the government has failed and they will resort to force and violence, which will lead to internal conflict, we are now looking for a permanent ceasefire, so that this operation becomes a Great victory and the destruction of the regime.

In the continuation of this ceremony, Mohammad Alibek, Assistant Minister and Director General of the Persian Gulf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, referring to the past conflicts between the Zionist regime and the Islamic resistance, said: the recent surprise operation was carried out. They sought to normalize relations with the Zionist regime, and Gaza was under siege for seventeen years, and Israel was never willing to talk about the release of prisoners.

He stated that none of the resistance groups in the region had the idea of ​​carrying out such an operation in the Gaza strip, adding: This operation is very significant from a strategic point of view, after this operation, the first position of the leader of the revolution in foreign policy and towards Palestine is clear and clear. and all the conspiracy of the West against the Islamic Republic of Iran as the cause of this operation was neutralized and our foreign policy was based on this.

Alibek further clarified: One of our goals in Gaza was to send humanitarian aid and encourage other countries for this Palestinian goal. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs designed and followed up political and diplomatic measures in line with this important goal, traveling and consulting with effective countries. As the axis of resistance, Qatar is one of the most important measures as it is related to the political sector.

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