Hearts that still beat for Gaza / rahnam’s narration of the different solidarity of the people of Zahedan + film – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency from Zahedan, a group of Shia and Sunni teenagers from Sistan and Baluchistan province, in order to support and sympathize with their injured peers in occupied Palestine who have been damaged by the brutal attacks of the Zionist regime on Gaza, bought flowers to visit the teenagers. The sick and hospitalized went to Zahedan hospitals and wished them a speedy recovery and high degrees for the martyrs of Gaza.

These creative Zahedan teenagers also showed scenes of the events and crimes committed by the usurping Israel in Gaza, sat down to talk with the parents of these children for a few minutes and told about the stable security in Islamic Iran, the establishment of complete health and medical services and the authority of the country today. and demanded all these things for Palestine and its people.

Declaring anger and disgust and condemning the crimes and genocide of Israel and the permanent end of the war in Gaza were among the demands of these people who asked the international assemblies to follow up seriously.


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