Ain Allahi: The reason for the shortage of powdered milk in the market is smuggling – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency’s government reporter, Health Minister Bahram Ain Elahi said on the sidelines of the government delegation this Wednesday morning: The best nutrition for children is breast milk and even powdered milk cannot be a good substitute for breast milk.

He added: In the past months, foreign exchange was allocated in the form of preferential currency for the production of powdered milk, which was a problem, but now our production of powdered milk has increased compared to last year, but the lack of it is due to our price level with neighboring countries. It causes smuggling.

The Minister of Health said: A plan has been devised to allocate formula milk to every newborn and to every nationality through the TITEC system, and in the case of nationals, those who have an ID can receive formula.

Ain Allahi clarified: If Darvar was not done, the problem that occurred in powdered milk would have occurred in other drugs as well. Because the price level of medicines inside the country is low compared to neighboring countries.

He clarified: The most common virus that people are infected with now is the flu, and those who have cold symptoms must wear a mask.


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