The second part of the documentary “Children of Ruhollah” went in front of the camera – rahnam

According to the cultural reporter of rahnam News Agency, Amir Eskandari, the director and producer of this program, announced the production of the second part of the documentary “Children of Ruhollah” in Behesht Zahra (Peace be upon him) in Tehran and said: The students’ familiarity with the martyrs is the focus of the documentary, which we hope will be supported by the authorities in the future. Other parts of this documentary should be produced.

He emphasized this point: In this documentary, as in the first part, our effort is to familiarize as many students as possible with the lifestyle of the martyrs, and in this regard, we address the issues and mental questions of a number of students about the martyrs, which is a new event in its own way.

Eskandari appreciated the company of Behesht Zahra organization managers and added: Most of the production process of this documentary was filmed in Behesht Zahra (peace be upon him) in Tehran. Officials of Behesht Zahra Organization (PBUH) were very worthy hosts in the production process of this documentary.

He pointed out that this television program, which was produced by the efforts of Islamshahr education and with the presence of artistic students of the city, was supported by the director of Islamshahr education department. I hope that other custodian devices will also have the necessary support so that the next parts of the work will be produced with higher quality.

“Children of Ruhollah” is the title of the fictional documentary film, which was prepared and produced by “Amir Eskandari” with the focus on “Students’ familiarity with the lifestyle of the martyrs”.

The first part of the documentary “Children of Ruhollah” in the period of time 24 The minute was specially devoted to the lifestyle of high-ranking martyrs “Syed Morteza Avini”, “Mohammad Ibrahim Hammet” and “Syed Mohammad Ali Jahanara”.

The first part of this documentary, which is produced for the teenage age group and from the network Tehran And it was shown at the same time as Arbaeen of Imam Hussain (AS).

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