The order to increase the import quota of mobile parts by 60% / the continuation of uncertainty for 2 years in the supply of foreign exchange for cars – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, the deputy of planning of the Trade Development Organization has announced in a correspondence with the Information Technology Center of the Trade Development Organization that, according to the order dated 08/28/1402, please increase the quota of surplus production imports to the amount of 60% of the quota for the relevant year. To place an order for mobile phone parts with tariffs 85171310 and 85171410, it should be considered for all companies.

In other words, if a company person uses all of his production quota, the surplus quota equal to 60% of the production quota of the same year will be allocated to the company person for registering the order of mobile phone parts. It should be noted that this excess quota is only assigned to the mobile phone product, and if there is a product other than that in the order registration, it is no longer possible to use the excess quota, and the total order registration of the two tariff codes mentioned this year should not exceed exceed 10 million dollars.

According to rahnam, despite the uncertainty of the foreign exchange quota for the import of new and second-hand cars, the Trade Development Organization (Ministry of Security) has demanded a 60% increase in the surplus quota for the import of mobile parts.

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