The contaminated blood case was reopened after 40 years/ a complaint against the French company to receive compensation – rahnam

According to the social reporter of rahnam news agency, Nazanin Farzadifar announced today in a press conference with the media about filing a lawsuit against the French company regarding the case of contaminated blood and stated: for the first time and after 40 years, as the protector of the interests of hemophilia patients, We will reopen the case of contaminated blood.

Regarding the so-called French infected blood case, he added: In 1961-1963, the French “Merio” company sent plasma factor 8 and 9 drugs to Iran, and patients with hemophilia used these drugs, but these drugs were infected with HIV. which led to hemophilia patients contracting AIDS at that time. At that time, there were no conditions for testing blood products, and the country was in a war situation and was in a condition of shortage of medicine, so it was forced to import medicine.

He continued: The first victim of AIDS in Iran was a 7-year-old Iranian child suffering from hemophilia, who contracted AIDS two years later due to the injection of contaminated blood and died due to this disease.

He said: During the last 40 years, our country has never demanded compensation for these contaminated drugs, while other countries, including Iraq, where 198 Iraqi patients were infected due to the consumption of these contaminated bloods, received over 600 million dollars in compensation.

Farzadi Far stated that the patients were compensated by the Iranian government at that time; He clarified: A few years ago, the French company wrote a letter to Iran and announced that they are ready to pay compensation, but this matter was not followed up by the hemophilia center at that time. This week, coinciding with World AIDS Day, the contaminated blood case will be officially reopened, and we will first file a complaint against the French company in our domestic court, and then with the help of legal departments, we will raise it in international institutions. .

The head of Iran Hemophilia Center noted: This company is still required to pay damages to our patients. Because they themselves admitted that their medicines were contaminated, but they announced it late or they did not announce it on purpose.

He stated that the French government was never willing to apologize to the patients who were infected with the HIV virus due to the sending of contaminated medicine from this country. He stated: In the internal law of France, it is stated that all medicines that are taken out of France and are derived from blood are under the government standard, and therefore the causal responsibility of more than 54 thousand people in the country who are suffering from AIDS is the responsibility of France because many of hemophilia patients at that time due to the fact that the contamination of pharmaceutical products with HIV was announced late; They did not know about their disease and because of this, a number of other people were also infected.

He continued: If the notification was done on time, the injection of contaminated drugs would have been prevented, or the patients who had received these drugs would have been quarantined.

He reminded: Currently, about 13 thousand people with hemophilia are living all over Iran, and sanctions have prevented them from accessing their vital medicines.

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