Sardar Shirazi: Countries that export military equipment want Iranian weapons – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency’s defense group, Sardar Mohammad Shirazi, the head of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief’s office, said this morning (Tuesday) at the Basijian morning ceremony of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology: while not yet more than a few months had passed since the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini ( In a decree ordering the formation of Mustafain Basij, he demanded the creation of an army of 20 million. From this point of view, Basij should be considered as a memory of Imam Rahal.

Sardar Shirazi continued: Since its establishment, Basij has come to the aid of the Islamic Revolution and the dear people of our country in various fields and has demonstrated its capabilities.

The head of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief’s office said: Before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the Taghut regime had created such a situation that the youth of our country were disappointed and because of such conditions, they had believed that “we cannot”; Therefore, the youth had no hope of being able to take action in the direction of the country’s progress.

He added: This condition and this belief had penetrated even in the army. Because in the early years of the imposed war, a number of army commanders came to the service of Ayatollah Khamenei, who was the president at that time, and said that the warplanes of our country will not be able to fly for a short time due to the embargo and the need to replace some parts of the planes. Was; But in response to these statements, he asked the commanders to rely on internal capabilities and thus the slogan “we can” became practical and realized.

Sardar Shirazi pointed out that the belief in internal capability made us win the eight-year imposed war with empty hands and stated: Once upon a time, in the field of defense, we had to supply our needs from other countries, but today, after the passage of four In the decades since the Islamic Revolution, we have reached a level of capability in this sector that sometimes countries that export advanced weapons come to us and ask us to buy military equipment.

The Chief of Staff of the Commander-in-Chief added: This is a sign of the capability and capacity of the dear people and the religion of Islam. Because we have young people who stand to the end of their lives for the security, peace and well-being of the people. Today, we have achieved such successes that we can conquer the skies; Because we have great scientists who accomplished great things.

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