Be on alert in the north of Iran/forecast of “floods and inundation” in Mazandaran, Gilan and Golestan – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam News Agency Provinces, according to the report of the Meteorological Organization, heavy rain and torrential rain and snowfall are predicted in the highlands on Tuesday in the provinces of Mazandaran and Golestan. Therefore, due to the possibility of flooding in these two provinces, rescuers and rescuers were on alert.

Rainfall and temperature drop in Gilan

The Director General of Meteorology of Gilan said: With the arrival of the cold and rainy weather system in the sky of Gilan, the rain will continue in different regions of the province in the form of showers with wind and lightning until late tonight.

Mohammad Dadres announced a 12-degree drop in the air temperature in Gilan and added: The height of the Caspian Sea wave today reaches 2 meters and is unsuitable for seafaring and fishing activities. From tomorrow, with the activity of the southern weather system, warm winds will start again in Gilan and until The weekend continues.

Golestan roads are slippery

Mahmoud Shahraki, head of the Golestan Road Police, added: “Due to the weather conditions and rain in the provinces, the roads are slippery, so we request the citizens to be more diligent in following the rules.”

Colonel Shahraki continued: It is necessary to observe a safe speed, pay attention to the front and keep a proper distance from other cars in this situation and prevent traffic accidents.

Referring to the possibility of snowfall in the highlands, he added: Citizens should refrain from traveling to mountainous areas as much as possible and, if necessary, bring winter equipment, including wheel chains. A cold and rainy system will enter Golestan from this morning. and according to the weather forecast, it will be active in the province until tomorrow morning.

Mazandaran Red Crescent Relief Forces are on full alert

The CEO of the Red Crescent Society of Mazandaran announced the readiness of the rescuers and rescuers of this society following the issuance of the orange level warning and torrential rain and the possibility of flooding.

Gholam Ali Fakhari added: Following the orange weather warning and heavy downpours and the possibility of flooding and road flooding, rescuers and rescuers of the Red Crescent Society of Mazandaran were on alert.

He added: In the warning of the Meteorological Organization, there are warnings about the flooding of roads, flowing water, flooding of rivers and canals, landslides and rock fall in mountain axes, disruption of road traffic, damage to structures, facilities and breaking of trees.

The managing director of Mazandaran Red Crescent Society said: Considering the above warning, it is necessary for people to exercise caution in road traffic, avoid living near rivers, and avoid climbing to heights, and pay attention to flood safety warnings.

Fakhari pointed out: All rescuers and rescuers of the Red Crescent Society of the province and support agents in the headquarters and branches are on full alert to provide aid to the victims in case of possible accidents.

The third day of Kandavan road blockage

Hashemi, the head of the Mazandaran Road Management Center, said: The Kandavan axis has been partially blocked this morning, Tuesday, December 7, for the third day in a row, due to the implementation of the excavation operation and the installation of a stone net, and this blockage will continue until December 21. The bell bridge will be open from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The head of the Mazandaran Road Management Center said: This restriction is applied every day from Sunday, Monday and Tuesday every week, except for official holidays, as well as the days before and after several days of holidays.

Hashemi asked the drivers of vehicles who intend to travel on this axis to use the alternative axes of “Haraz and Savad Kouh” during the restrictions.


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