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According to the report of rahnam news agency’s foreign policy group, Hossein Amirabdollahian, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country, in an interview with Al Jazeera network regarding Iran’s role in establishing a temporary ceasefire in Gaza, said: At the diplomatic level, the president of my country started serious efforts since the beginning of this crisis. To prevent the killing and crimes of the Zionists against the people of Gaza and the West Bank through political and international means. The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in coordination with the leaders of a number of Islamic countries, proposed important initiatives; The idea of ​​holding a meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation at the level of leaders, holding a meeting of BRICS leaders, contacts, dialogues and even making trips to stop war crimes were on the agenda of our country’s president.

The full text of this interview is as follows:

question: Mr. Minister, what is your opinion about the temporary ceasefire that has been implemented?

Amir Abdullahian: First of all, I would like to say hello to all the viewers of Al Jazeera Network, and I would also like to express my special thanks to all the people involved in Al Jazeera Network, who portrayed the oppression and resistance of the people of Gaza and the West Bank for the world’s information in the last 6 weeks. At the same time, I express my sympathy and respect to all the survivors of journalists who were martyred by the criminals of the Zionist regime during this period. Journalists who were only doing their mission and were martyred by the Israeli regime in a completely inhuman way.

We are happy to see the temporary cessation of the Zionist war crimes and their genocide against the Palestinian people. We hope that this will be the beginning of the continuation of the ceasefire and the cessation of the war crimes of the Zionist regime.

Of course, I would like to state clearly that the Israeli regime could not commit such crimes against Palestine for the umpteenth time without the full support of the United States. The responsibility for what we have seen in the last 6 weeks lies directly with America and the war criminals of the Israeli regime.

question: Did you play a role in this ceasefire?

Amir Abdullahian: Of course, at the level of diplomacy, the president of my country started serious efforts from the beginning of this crisis to prevent the killings and crimes of the Zionists against the people of Gaza and the West Bank through political and international means. The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in coordination with the leaders of a number of Islamic countries, proposed important initiatives; The idea of ​​holding a meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation at the level of leaders, holding a meeting of BRICS leaders, contacts, dialogues and even making trips to stop war crimes were on the agenda of our country’s president. On the other hand, we in Iran’s diplomatic apparatus and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the cooperation of all my colleagues, tried to prevent the continuation of the crimes of the Zionist regime, and through political, diplomatic and international capacities, we could create these conditions for the benefit of the Palestinian people. At the same time, from the second week of these aggressions, we were in direct contact with the respected Prime Minister in Qatar and the foreign ministers of Egypt and other countries in the region and even some western countries as far as Latin America and South Africa, and we tried to use all diplomatic capacities. Let’s keep active in this regard. And of course, I have a special thanks to the Emir and the Prime Minister of the country of Qatar, our friend and brother. and to take measures to realize the rights of the Palestinians and help them at this stage.

But the important thing is that this aggression and crimes must stop and this temporary ceasefire must become a permanent ceasefire, otherwise the region will face new conditions and the Zionist regime and the Americans must face the severe consequences of any non-stopping of the crimes. Accept Israel’s war.

question: In this regard, the Israeli side has said that military operations will resume after this ceasefire – which according to the latest information may last up to 10 days. Regarding this scenario, that is, the resumption of war, which you warned about before and now you also warned about its consequences, is there still a possibility of regional conflict spreading?

Amir Abdullahian: Israel will welcome the continuation and expansion of the war, but this situation will be welcomed by Israel if, as in the past six weeks, the American military and all security, political and media sectors of the United States are completely on the side of the fake Israeli regime and their actions continue to help the genocide of the Israeli regime. We have been informed through intermediaries that in the last 10 days, the US government and the White House have come to the conclusion that this kind of continued support for Israel is not even in the interest of US politicians and the White House, and that the US now has the necessary will to stop the Israeli regime’s war crimes. and reaching a lasting ceasefire, sending humanitarian aid, preventing forced displacement and respecting Palestinian rights. We hope that this news that has been transmitted to us is true. Naturally, its verification will be if America forces the Israeli regime to adhere to the continuation of this cease-fire and this temporary cease-fire becomes a permanent cease-fire.

question: I only ask for emphasis; I infer from your statement that there are communication channels with the United States of America to ensure that the war does not spread in the region. It is?

Amir Abdullahian: We have received messages in the last six weeks from the United States through diplomatic channels, specifically through the Swiss Embassy in Tehran, which is the guardian of the interests of the United States of America. The Americans have always emphasized in their messages that they are not looking to expand the scope of the war. Of course, in response, we announced to them that although you say that you are not looking to expand the scope of the war, but by being on the side of the Israeli regime and sending massive weapons and equipment from all American bases in the region to the Israeli regime and Tel Aviv, the intensity and scope of the war is actually increasing. have expanded Of course, the expansion of the scope of the war in the region in the past weeks was part of the natural reaction of the resistance forces in the region against this unilateral action and the full military support of the US for Israel’s attacks and the killing and massacre of Palestinian women and children.

question: In this connection, despite the possibility of continuation and escalation of Israel’s military operations, what if the resistance asks Iran to intervene directly and expand the war?

Amir Abdullahian: We believe that in the framework of international law, occupation is a sinister phenomenon and an act that will never be recognized. One of the American media asked me why Iran does not recognize the Israeli regime while most governments in the world have recognized the Israeli regime. Our answer was that the land of Palestine belongs to the Palestinian people and not to most of the governments of the world, so it is the Palestinian people who should decide their fate. According to international law, the occupied land has its own rules and the people who are under the domination of the occupying power have the right to even carry weapons and carry out armed action for the liberation of their land. In the framework of international law and human and religious values, we believe that helping the Palestinian people against the occupation and political support of the occupied Palestinian land is a matter that has both a legal basis and a human, Islamic and religious basis.

question: Israel has recently talked about expanding its operations against Islamic resistance leaders and targeting them wherever they are. What if this happens in Iran?

Amir Abdullahian: In the past 75 years, the Israeli regime has done nothing but terror, killing and rape in this region. The result of the actions of the Zionist regime has been to make the region and the Islamic world even more insecure. Naturally, this occupying regime will continue to follow the same method. It is natural that the Zionists will continue their terror and aggressive actions in any part of the Islamic world if they can. The Zionists have taken many measures in the last 75 years to divide the Islamic countries into several parts. In this framework, they will continue their actions to divide and divide Islamic countries.

We have always spoken loudly in support of Palestine and resistance. Of course, we have registered a political and democratic solution to the Palestinian issue in the United Nations. Based on that political strategy, the solution to the Palestinian issue in the current world is to hold a referendum among the original residents of Palestine, including Jews, Christians and Muslims; A referendum that will be conducted under the supervision of the United Nations and with the financial participation of other governments, and once after 75 years of encroachment on the historical land of Palestine, the Palestinian people, including Jews, Christians and Muslims, can determine their own destiny.

Naturally, any action of the Zionist regime against the security of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be met with a regretful response.

question: We will discuss Iran’s solution to solve the Palestinian issue, but before that, there are accusations against Iran regarding the targeting of American interests and bases in Iraq by armed groups. Israel has directly accused Iran due to the seizure of a ship belonging to an Israeli businessman by the Houthi Ansarullah group. Are you worried that these accusations might escalate the situation?

Amir Abdullahian: There are groups called resistance in the region as a fact, but the roots must be addressed. Today, Hezbollah is a large and influential resistance group in Lebanon. But what caused Hezbollah to be created? The Zionist regime’s encroachment on Lebanese lands. The Lebanese made a decision and a resistance group named Hezbollah was formed and this group has taken extensive measures in defense of the land and security of Lebanon and beyond that the security of the region and in the fight against Zionism and ISIS terrorism, which resulted in greater security in Lebanon and the region. Was.

In Iraq, from 2003, when America occupied Iraq, until 2011, and after that, in the face of ISIS, which was created by America according to Mrs. Hillary Clinton, young people spontaneously formed groups to fight terrorism from their land. defend The formation of these resistance groups in Syria and Yemen each has roots. In the last 6 weeks, they did their duty to defend a part of the Islamic Arab Ummah that lives in Palestine, in Gaza and the West Bank. Just as Hamas decided to carry out the Al-Aqsa storm operation and acted on its own, these groups also decide and act on their own. We have heard from the Americans that some of the US bases in Iraq and Syria have been attacked by these groups and there have been clashes between the US and these groups. We have also received messages from America in this regard, but our response to America’s messages was that we do not have any proxy groups in the region, and these groups act in the interests of their country, the security of the region, and the defense of the Arab-Islamic nation.

question: We will return to the solution you proposed from Iran’s point of view to solve the Palestinian issue. Currently, there is talk of reviving the two-state solution process. What is your opinion about this?

Amir Abdullahian: As the Islamic Republic of Iran, we support the formation of a unified Palestinian state throughout the historical and motherland of the Palestinians with the capital of Quds Sharif. Iran’s political solution is based on holding a referendum among the original residents of Palestine – including Jews, Christians and Muslims – and determining their destiny through the referendum. We believe that it is the authentic people of Palestine who should decide. When we talk about the original people of Palestine, in addition to Muslims and Christians, we also pay attention to the rights of the original Palestinian Jewish people. Naturally, the Islamic Republic of Iran will respect the choice, vote and opinion of the original Palestinian people.

question: Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the future of Gaza after the war, obviously the US Secretary of State has talked about it several times. What is your impression of the situation in Gaza after the war, as well as the situation in the region in general?

Amir Abdullahian: Despite the fact that 6 weeks have passed since the massive aggression of the Zionists against Gaza, and while they announced that their goal is to destroy Hamas, Hamas is established in Gaza and has control over it. I had a conversation with Mr. Sheikh Ismail Haniyeh in Doha last night, and the day before that we had a meeting in Beirut with a group of Islamic Jihad and Hamas leaders. They assured that so far only a maximum of 10 to 12 percent of the weapons facilities they have inside Gaza. And they brought the resistance forces they have into the scene of confronting the aggression of the Zionist regime and the ground aggression of the Zionist regime in Gaza, and about 90% of the strength, manpower and weapons are still at their disposal. Therefore, they are in a strong position. Let’s not forget that both the administration of Gaza and the people of Gaza and the administration of war and confrontation with the Zionist regime are the responsibility of Hamas. Despite the full presence and support of America and some other countries allied with the Israeli regime, they could not destroy Hamas in the last 6 weeks. Hamas is a reality rooted in Palestine. Hamas is part of the Palestinian resistance. We believe that the future of Gaza will be determined by the Palestinian people and the Palestinian resistance.

I would like to state clearly: If the United States of America imagines that it can decide on the administration of post-war Gaza for the Palestinian people, it is a completely wrong idea. Just as America made a lot of efforts in 2006 and the subsequent developments regarding Lebanon, first of all to destroy and eliminate Hezbollah in Lebanon and then to disarm Hezbollah in Lebanon, but none of these dreams reached the stage of action. Today, Hezbollah is one of the strongest resistance forces in the region, so that in the last 6 weeks alone, the United States and some Western countries sent messages to Hezbollah more than 28 times and said: “Please exercise restraint and prevent the development of war against the Israeli regime.” So the future of Gaza will be determined by the Palestinian people. The future of Palestine will be determined by the Palestinian people.

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