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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam News Agency, it was late November that Mohammad Reza Shafiei, the producer of the movie “Zad”, a product of the Soura Cinematography Organization, which was made in the genre of mystery-political drama, announced in an interview that this work was finally completed after two years. It will be released in November; An event that seems to happen at the same time as the student’s day, because it is heard that before the general release of “Zad”, universities will host this work and its creators.

Thus, in its first university screening, “Zad” will be hosted by the students of Amir Kabir University on Tuesday, the 7th of December, and Amir Abbas Rabiei and Mohammad Reza Shafiie will be present as the director and producer of the film in this meeting.

The beginning of the university screening of a controversial and discourse-oriented work, before its public screening, can be evaluated as a positive event that has had a more colorful history in our student-cultural space in the distant years. Now, since in the movie “Zad” there are references to the acquaintance of the two main characters of the story during the university days, and the story begins with the inflammations of the universities in the late winter of 1359, the screening of the film in the universities is a significant event for its special audience.

It is worth mentioning that Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, addressed the students in one of his speeches: “In the soft war, you young students are the young officers of this front… The young officer is on the stage; It works as ordered, and you see the scene correctly; He tests the stage with his body and soul. Therefore, these are young officers; This is the student’s role.” On the other hand, “Zad”, which is a new narrative of the phenomenon of invasion and showing its extension line, can make students more aware of this issue and even be a push for them.

The movie “Zad” is the second movie made by Amir Abbas Rabiei, written by Hossein Tarabnejad, along with a story of influence in the early years of the revolution and about a love in the heart of political events that flares up again after many years. The story of this movie starts from the winter of 1359 and continues until the hot summer of 1960.

This work, which is the first cinematic account of the 7th of July incident and the explosion of the office of the Islamic Republic of Iran, shows some aspects of the personality and intellectual character of martyr Beheshti, and in addition, it shows the internal relations of the Mojahedin organization and the disclosure of their true identity.

“Zad”, which premiered at the 40th Fajr Film Festival and was nominated for the Crystal Simorgh Award in seven categories, will finally be shown in cinemas across the country after two years in mid-December.

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