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According to the social reporter of rahnam News Agency, for about 65 years, the “Aradkoh” waste processing and recycling complex with an area of ​​1,400 hectares at the beginning of the old Tehran-Qom road has been storing waste from the city of Tehran; Garbage that has reached about 5 thousand tons per day in recent years.

Burying more than half a century of metropolitan waste like Tehran, concentrated in this part of the city, has led to many environmental problems, from the overflow of leachate and its unpleasant smell to the creation of a methane cloud, which has caused the environmental organization and the municipality to consult for years to solve this problem. be a problem

Relocating the garbage dump was one of the solutions proposed to Tehran Municipality by the environment in recent years, but it was not agreed to, instead, Tehran Municipality implemented a garbage incinerator plan.

The plan to purchase a waste incinerator for Tehran was proposed about 10 years ago, and from the beginning it had supporters and opponents, devices that can burn a significant amount of waste daily and turn it into electrical energy with very high efficiency. In addition, these devices have the ability to treat harmful leachates caused by waste, which has been polluting the environment of the southern province for years.

During the recent visit of the mayor of Tehran, a visit to a waste incinerator factory was made, and it attracted the attention of the group. The interesting thing about the device that attracted the attention of the city management in China was its high efficiency and effectiveness, so that it could be installed in one working day. to burn about 5000 tons of waste and turn it into electricity.

After this visit, the Chinese also showed their willingness to invest in Tehran and came to Tehran to sign the memorandum of understanding last week, and after 10 years, the memorandum of cooperation in the design, construction and operation of Tehran’s waste incinerator was signed.

According to the written memorandum, the share of Tehran Municipality in launching this project is 30%, the other 70% will be implemented with the investment and participation of the Chinese side.

As Abdul Motahar Mohammad Khani; The spokesperson of Tehran municipality said: This device has strict standards and has a different mechanism compared to the current Aradkoh incinerator. Unlike the current incinerator in Tehran, which is operating with a capacity of 200 tons, the device in question has a capacity of 6,000 tons. On the other hand, the current space has a processing line to separate more waste, but the Chinese machine does not need a processing line.

Reza Mohammadi; Tehran city cleanup manager told rahnam reporter: The problem of waste disposal and leachate production in Aradkoh will be completely solved with the construction of this waste incinerator plant, and there will be no more living waste problems in the city.

Referring to the 6,000-ton waste incineration capacity of this device, he added: If the volume of waste production in Tehran is reduced by implementing source separation plans, we can also accept waste from cities around Tehran.

Alireza Zakani; The mayor of Tehran also pointed to the national interests and the creation of cooperation between Iran and China and said: the contracting company in this factory has the technological capacity and serious records in the development of environmental activities, and we hope that these services Its repetition and technology should be transferred to the country.

As the city managers have announced, the initial value of the construction of this waste incinerator is estimated at more than 600 million dollars. Of course, the technical details and how to finance it will be detailed after the contract is finalized. Also, the Iranian side will make its 30% contribution at the beginning of the project and of course participate in it during the years of operation.

According to the planning, the service life of this factory is 50 years, and in the first 15 years, its maintenance will be done by the Chinese side.

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