Railway demands 1600 billion tomans from wagon owners/ Salehi: Locomotives have been held hostage for 10 years – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, Miad Salehi in a meeting with a number of locomotive owners, stating that we are faithful to the promise we made because effective measures have been taken to fulfill the demands of the locomotive owners, criticized and stated Kurd: I believe that as a bottleneck, the locomotive sector has been held hostage for more than a decade and we are currently witnessing the backwardness of the locomotive sector.

He stated that we currently owe more than 1600 billion tomans to the wagon owners, and added: Of this amount, about 1 thousand billion tomans belong to the locomotive owners, which should be paid to them.

With the promise that by the end of the year, the money of the locomotive drivers will be paid according to the previous agreement, he said: It is not possible to provide the national interests of the country with disorder, but discipline and justice must be observed in this field.

According to rahnam’s report, the CEO of the railway in August this year stated that the Raja company was privatized about 13 years ago, and its negative consequences still remain, and said: Handing over to incompetent companies will destroy the companies and we are in favor of the right privatization.

Recalling that from the very first day of social security, he had no interest in taking over the railway transport company, and he proceeded with this work under compulsion, he clarified: In the current government, I have corresponded and announced many times with the former minister of labor, the supervisor and the current minister of this ministry. I have said that if you want Raja, you have to inject cash into it, and if you don’t want it, leave it to the one who wants it.

Stating that about 50% of the country’s passenger trains are in the Raja company, he said: Although the Ministry of Labor (Social Security) has announced that the Raja rail transport company is not the 100th priority for them, but this company is the first priority for the railways. Raja Railway Company has not paid the right to access the rail for 7 years and owes 1000 billion tomans to the railway. In addition, Raja does not rent locomotives.

Referring to the October meeting of the railway CEO with the locomotive owners, Ziyai Mehr, the deputy of the railway fleet, said: “In that meeting, valuable decisions were made, and most of the requests were financial and contractual issues.”

He added: Most of the delays are related to the repair department, and other reasons for the delays are financial issues, so it will take time for the situation to reach the desired point. On the standby side, reliability and maintenance of ATC equipment will be improved with funding.

Pointing to the importance of implementation of Article 12 in solving the problems of railway industry activists, he emphasized: Among other issues, it is related to the discussion of railway contracts with locomotive owners, during which the contract is to be continued for another year.

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