Persepolis lost 2 crucial points in Riyadh/Golmohammadi’s team loves Ema and Eger! – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency, Iran’s Persepolis football team played against Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nasr in the first stadium of Riyadh Park in the framework of the fifth week of the 2023-24 Asian Champions League group stage tonight (Monday – Iran time) at 21:30. Zero – Zero is over.

The dismissal of Ali Lajami from Al-Nasr team in the 17th minute was the turning point of the game and made Persepolis play much better than the host. However, the attacks of the Reds did not lead to a goal in this match, and Yahya Golmohammadi’s students were satisfied with getting one point from this match in a match where they were able to overcome Cristiano Ronaldo’s teammates.

With this draw, Persepolis increased its points to eight and lost its hope of climbing as the leader of Group E to fight for being among the best teams of the second tier in the final week against Al Duhail. With 13 points, Al Nasr was able to secure the top spot and advance to the round of 16.

Al-Nasr composition: Nawaf Al-Agaidi, Ayman Yahya, Ali Lajami, Aymeric Laporte, Sultan Al-Ghanam, Marcelo Brozovic, Ottavio, Sami Al-Najai (21 – Mohammad Al Fatil), Abdul Rahman Gharib, Sadio Mane and Cristiano Ronaldo (78 – Mohammad Maran).

The composition of Persepolis: Alireza Biranvand, Georgi Gulsiani, Mohammad Hossein Kananizadegan, Ali Nemati, Daniyal Esmailifar, Masoud Rigi (3+90 – Sina Asadbeigi), Milad Sarlak (71 – Nabil Bahoui), Soroush Rafiei (3+90 – Sina Asadbeigi), Mehdi Torabi, Omid Alishah (85 – Milad Sorgi) and Shahab Zahedi (72 – Saeed Sadeghi).

referee: Ma Ning from China

The important scenes of this match are as follows:

first half

Minute 2: Soroush Rafiei’s mistake in the penalty area of ​​Persepolis was not far from announcing a penalty. After failing to block the ball, Rafiei tackled Cristiano Ronaldo’s leg and knocked down the Al-Nasr superstar. However, after reviewing the scene with the help of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system, Ma Ning rejected the hypothesis of a possible penalty. Of course, Ronaldo pointed out to the referee that there was no penalty foul on him.


Minute 12: After a combined work, Mehdi Torabi sent a deep pass to Shahab Zahedi, but the Persepolis striker could not pass the two Al-Nasr defenders and the ball fell into the hands of Nawaf Al-Aghaidi.

Minute 13: After Al-Nasr’s defenders failed to defend the corner kick, Torabi fired a shot at the host’s goal from behind the penalty area, and the ball went wide of the goal.

Minute 16: The quick counterattack of Persepolis led by Omid Alishah led to the most dangerous situation in the first third of the first half. The captain of Persepolis passed the ball to Daniyal Esmailifar, who had no difficulty in blocking the calm shot of the defender of Al-Nasr.

Minute 17: Ali Lajami received a red card from the referee for the rough foul he committed on Milad Sarlek so that Nasr could continue playing with 10 players.


20 minutes: Turabi again found a chance to shoot behind the penalty area of ​​Nasr and aimed at the goal of Luis Castro’s students, when the ball fell into the hands of Nawaf Al-Aghaidi.

Minute 23: Mohammad Hossein Kananizadegan’s pass from the right side of the Nasr penalty area reached Turabi, but the ball did not match the Persepolis midfielder’s feet and his bad shot went to the goal.

Minute 27: Shahab Zahedi got the ball from the back of the Nasr penalty area and after a beautiful turn, he shot a good shot towards the Nasr goal, but the ball went out from the side of the goal.

Minute 44: Shahab Zahedi received a yellow card from the Chinese referee due to his elbow collision with Ottavio.

Minute 44: Less than a minute later, Ottavio managed to get another warning for Persepolis! Omid Alishah received a yellow card from the referee due to a foul on the Portuguese midfielder Al-Nasr.

45+1 minutes: Ronaldo’s shot towards the Persepolis goal from the back of the penalty area did not find a way to the Sarkhpoushan goal and went wide of the goal.

45+4 minutes: Soroush Rafiei was also fined by the referee with a yellow card due to a foul on Marcelo Brozovic.

second half

50 minutes: Alishah’s ground cross into the penalty area of ​​Nasr was accompanied by Soroush Rafiei’s soft shot, which eventually went out of the goal with a short distance.

Minute 53: Shahab Zahedi, after receiving a precise pass from Masoud Rigi, went one-on-one with the defender of Nasr and opened the goal for this team, which was not accepted due to the presence of the Persepolis striker in an offside position.


Minute 54: Zahedi’s shot from behind the penalty area of ​​Nasr was blocked by Nawaf Al-Aghaidi’s reaction. Later, Alishah also took a shot, and this shot went wide.

Minute 57: After Otavio used his genius in the Persepolis penalty area to release Abdul Rahman Gharib’s pass for Cristiano Ronaldo, the winner of the five Ballon d’Ors aimed for the Persepolis goal after a beautiful turn, which shot from the shortest possible distance from the side of the Red-faced goal. went

59th minute: Marcelo Brozovic was shown a yellow card for protesting the referee’s decision.

60 minutes: Tarabi’s beautiful movement and his deep pass reached Milad Sarlek. The midfielder of Persepolis, who was one on one with the goalkeeper of Nasr, made an outward pass for Shahab Zahedi to score, but the ball was blocked by the timely action of the defenders of Nasr.

62nd minute: Laporte’s delay in the heart of Nasr’s defense was accompanied by Alishah’s successful tackle, when the Persepolis attackers did not reach the ball in front of the goal of Castro’s students, and this opportunity was lost.

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