Moslaipour: The distribution of 2 world golds in one weight was like a repetition of Amin Taheri’s wrestling/ We will not allow bottle throwing to happen – rahnam

In an interview with the rahnam news agency’s sports reporter, Mohammad Moslaipour said whether the rules related to the review of wrestling refereeing films have changed, as the World Union has recently announced the doubling of gold medals in the 87 kg weight class of the World Championships. It is the board of directors, they make a decision themselves and implement it. This decision was made after the gross and 100% mistake that occurred in the 87 kg final of the 2023 World Championship. This blunder forced them to review the finals and decide to distribute two gold medals in this weight.

The referee instructor of the World Wrestling Federation said that according to the law, the technical strike is not a challenge, and how the World Wrestling Federation reviewed the film a few weeks after the tournament and made such a decision: Yes, the technical strike is not a challenge, but because the board was sure that it was a technical strike. It happened and in the explanation of this news, they also said that it was a mistake of the referee, so that the rights of the wrestlers would not be lost, they made such a decision.

Moslaipour about the fact that before this, the heavyweight gold medal of the 2012 London Olympic freestyle wrestling was jointly awarded to Iranian and Russian wrestlers due to the doping of the first and second runners; Kamil Ghasemi and Bilal Makhov were awarded the joint third place in the Olympics, he noted: “If I’m not mistaken, the same thing happened in 2023 in the world juniors, and due to a referee’s mistake, two golds were distributed in the same weight.” There, the head of the mattress made a mistake, which was quite effective as a result.

The head of the referees’ commission of the wrestling federation reminded: We ourselves once decided to repeat wrestling in the Takhti Cup, a fight that was declared due to Amin Taheri’s technical blow and it was decided to repeat it against the law. Before the competition, because this cup was one of the important stages of the selection cycle of the national team, we had made a meeting report that if there was a definite and influential refereeing error in the winner and loser, we should inform the national team staff that the match should be repeated at their discretion. We did the same. In the case of the World Union, any decision made by the Board of the World Union is applicable.

He also clarified about the throwing of a bottle on the mat in the national youth championship, which led to a change in the result: I was not there, but the issue of throwing a bottle is a disciplinary violation that is not related to the referees’ commission and is decided by the disciplinary committee and the federation. . The same fight that was held between Fars and Lorestan wrestlers had a refereeing problem that we asked the host to send us the film of this wrestling. Lorestan’s protest was against the use of the foot in the execution of a technical kick. In fact, this ship has both a disciplinary case and an arbitration that is being investigated.

Moslaipour said: If such an incident happened for the second time, there should be severe and severe disciplinary punishment because we saw such an act in the World Championships, which caused us to lose one of our good wrestlers in the Olympic year. It is true that the Iranian Federation has protested this ruling and I hope it will be successful and the vote will be renewed, but we should not allow such an incident to happen inside the country. In this regard, we had a meeting with the person in charge of organizing the competitions, we are waiting for the report of the technical supervisor and the representative of the federation in these competitions, so that serious action will be taken against the violators and the way will be closed to repeat it.

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