Moghadamfar: Al-Aqsa storm revealed the true face of the Zionists and their supporters/ Israel’s apartheid must be shown to the whole world – rahnam

According to the political reporter of rahnam news agency, Hamidreza Moghadamfar, adviser to the commander of the IRGC, said at the opening of the international conference “Aqsa Storm and Gaza, Narratives and Realities” which was held at Tehran Azad University in the center: Many major western media and stocks The great powers of these media, which are in the hands of the Westerners and Americans, are in the hands of the Zionists, and these great and well-known media of the West had one word in terms of techniques and tactics, and that was that the narratives can be based on the facts. overcome That is, they make white black and black white, and in this way they manage public opinion. This is the same cognitive war and perception management that we were especially involved with in recent years.

He continued: In this matter, the issue of narration is very important and they try to represent what they want, and the big question was always whether the facts are important in telling the narrations or not?

He stated that the creation of narratives was always a technique in the hands of the West and the Zionists, and added: The Al-Aqsa storm showed that facts have priority over the creation of narratives.

The adviser to the commander of the IRGC pointed out: both in the battlefield and in the war of narratives, we are facing an asymmetric battle and there is no equality. On the other side (the Zionist regime), it is armed to the teeth like military equipment and has all the latest technologies, especially in the military field, but their failure is obvious. This asymmetry can also be seen in the war of narratives and the war of the media.

Referring to the Zionists’ efforts to change the narratives of the battlefield, Moghadamfar said: “They tried their best to change the place of the oppressor and the oppressed, but they failed.”

He stated that one of the reasons for this inability was that the opposite side of these tyrants was the front of truth and justice, which tried to tell the truth and that justice is the most important innate goodness and ugliness of human beings.

The adviser to the commander of the IRGC, referring to the cruel actions of the Zionists in killing women and children, usurping and destroying Palestinian homes and committing the highest levels of violence, said: We saw all these cases on the opposite front, while what lined up against them, It was the front of justice and next to it there are divine traditions that cannot be changed. The divine tradition is that the truth and reality must be revealed even if it is asymmetric.

Stating that the effects in the war of narratives are short-term, Moghadamfar clarified: In a psychological war, they tell lies, create rumors, and exaggerate and minimize, but the lie will definitely become clear after a while.

Referring to the enemy’s attempt to create false narratives from the battlefield, he stated: In the very first days of the Al-Aqsa storm battle, the enemy once made a big lie about the beheading of Israeli children by a reporter and a media for the first time and tried to rely on it. Therefore, they compared Hamas to ISIS in the world, but they did not succeed at all and the page turned in the shortest time and they themselves said that their news was wrong.

In another part of his speech, he pointed to the great success of Haq Front journalists in the Al-Aqsa storm battle and said: These journalists were less powerful in terms of numbers and equipment, but they were successful and we saw that nearly 60 martyred journalists were sacrificed and this means They were the ones who were willing to sacrifice their lives for the right front and this sacrifice was to clarify the reality and the truth.

The cultural advisor of the IRGC commander said: One of the statements of the supreme leader in the meeting with Mr. Haniyeh was that you and the Palestinian people persevered, so you will be victorious according to the divine tradition.

Moghadamfar stated that one of the important issues in the field of enlightenment about the Zionist regime is addressing its racist and apartheid characteristics, which were also present in the Supreme Leader of the Revolution.

He continued: The issue of apartheid is an issue about which there is a common understanding and literature in the world, and everyone considers it an ugly phenomenon, and this apartheid of the Zionist regime is different from the apartheid of South Africa in the past.

The advisor to the commander of the IRGC added: In the past, in South Africa, the issue of black and white was discussed, but here, the Zionists consider every nation, race, clan, and language other than their own as animals and believe that only they are the superior nation.

Moghadamfar said: Theodore Hertzel, who is the father of Zionists, was not religious at all, and their racism is not based on religion at all, and that is why many Jews and their scholars are against Zionism.

He emphasized: Today, due to the actions of journalists and activists present in Jabhah Haq, the main face of this regime and more importantly, its supporters have been identified for the world. Years ago, Imam Khomeini (RA) enlightened on this matter, but now everyone knows the nature of Israel and its supporters, and the true face of liberal democracy, which had made an acceptable face with a beautiful cover, has been revealed, and all those cast iron hands that They have seen what was hidden under the velvet.

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