Minister of Economy: Various representatives were removed from the free zones/investors should not wait for the decisions of Khalq al-Saaa – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency from Babolsar, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, Ehsan Khandozi, said at the conference on examining the opportunities and challenges of the free zone at Mazandaran University: benefiting from the facilities in the north of the country has not been appropriate and sufficient over time.

He said: The free zone is considered as a focal point and link to the economy of the region and the world, which we needed to develop, and its expansion can lead to facilitating communication with the target markets.

He added: “If we want the free zones to play a role, it does not mean that they should be separated from the province and investors will compete to get the advantages of those zones, but these zones are for connecting with the regional market, and it is necessary to establish links in these zones that should be Let’s achieve it in these areas.

Khandozi pointed to the drafting of the free zone plan and said: the government should have a representative in the free zone and he should make decisions, and different institutions and organizations will not have representatives there, so that there is no fragmentation in decision-making.

Khandozi clarified: changes in laws and regulations will continue to make the work easier and more convenient, and the investor is not going to wait for the words and decisions of Khalq al-Saaa; In free zones, everything should be easy and clear.

The Minister of Economy and Finance stated: According to Article 24 of the law, the customs tariff will be announced to the economic operators in order to bring discipline between the government and the private sector.

The Minister of Economy and Finance added: The location of the free zone is also very important, and because in many free zones of the country, the color of urban and normal life has taken on, it has become difficult to implement the regulations and monitor them.

Khandozi stated: A comprehensive pathology of the free zones has been done in the last 30 years so that we do not face these problems in Mazandaran.

Khandozi said: “In the Ministry of Economy and Finance, we hope for the second generation of free zones in the country, and since Mazandaran Free Zone has a suitable investment in the field of infrastructure, we hope that it will bear fruit sooner.”

He said: Mazandaran Free Zone is a good situation for it to become a successful model

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