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According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, while with the establishment of a temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, wider dimensions of the amount of crimes committed by the Zionist regime against Palestinian civilians in Gaza are revealed every day. Yesterday, the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Watch reported in a report about the theft of body parts of missing Palestinians. And the bodies of Palestinian martyrs expressed concern and announced that official statistics indicate that 7,000 people went missing during Israel’s aggression on the Gaza Strip, and dozens of them were arrested by the Israelis.

Zionists stole the bodies of Palestinian martyrs from al-Shifa hospital

This human rights organization called for the formation of an independent international investigation committee regarding the action of the Israeli army to steal the bodies of martyrs from al-Shifa medical complex and the Indonesian hospital in northern Gaza, and emphasized that there is evidence of the theft of bodies from the vicinity of the center crossing to the south of Gaza on the main Salah al-Din road. There is.

According to this report, the forces of the Zionist regime exhumed a mass grave that was dug more than 10 days ago in one of the yards of Al-Shifa Medical Complex and took out the bodies of Palestinian martyrs from it and took them with them. Although the bodies of dozens of Palestinian martyrs who were abducted by the Israelis were handed over to the International Committee of the Red Cross and this committee also transferred them to southern Gaza, the Israeli army still kept the bodies of dozens of Palestinian martyrs.

Stealing the body parts of Palestinians by the occupiers

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Watch further stated in its report that there are concerns about the theft of body parts from the bodies of Palestinian martyrs by Israel. When the doctors in Gaza examined the bodies of the martyrs, they noticed that their organs were stolen, such as the cornea of ​​the eye and other vital organs such as the liver, kidney, and heart.

Doctors at several hospitals in the Gaza Strip told the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Watch team that it is not possible to carry out a detailed examination on the bodies of Palestinians who were martyred in heavy Israeli airstrikes, but there are signs that their organs were stolen.

The human rights organization stated that Israel has a long history of keeping the bodies of Palestinian martyrs and has kept the bodies of at least 145 Palestinians in special morgues and the bodies of 255 people in cemeteries. Israel buries the bodies of Palestinian martyrs in secret mass graves in certain areas such as closed military zones. There are reports that the Israelis have done this several times before and left the bodies of the Palestinians after some time. They keep some of these bodies in morgues where the cold temperature reaches 40 degrees below zero and they give these bodies to their families on the condition that the body is not dissected so that it is not known that the body parts of the bodies have been stolen.

Israel’s systematic policy of organ theft and trafficking

According to this report, in recent years, Israel has been trying to create a law to justify detaining the bodies of Palestinians and then stealing their body parts. For example, in 2019, the Israeli Supreme Court issued a draft law based on which the army can detain the bodies of Palestinians and bury them in mass graves in certain areas. At the end of 2021, the Knesset (Parliament) of the Zionist regime approved a law that allows the army of this regime to keep the bodies of Palestinians.

In recent years, many reports have been published about the illegal use of the bodies of Palestinian martyrs by the Zionists, including the theft of their organs and the use of these organs in the laboratories of the medical schools of the Zionist universities. In the book “On the Bodies of the Dead”, Israeli doctor Meira Fais revealed that the Israelis stole the organs of dead Palestinians to transplant into the bodies of Israeli patients. Also, Palestinian organs are used for experiments in Israeli medical schools.

Yehuda Hess, the former director of the Israeli forensic medicine, made a more dangerous confession and said that in different periods of time, the Israelis used to steal the body parts of Palestinians, including their tissues and skin.

There is almost no report on human organ trafficking around the world that does not include Israel at the top of its list. Israelis have a long history in this field. It was in 2002 that the Zionist soldiers martyred three Palestinian teenagers, but after a few days their bodies were handed over to the Palestinian side without their internal organs.

During the past years, human rights defender associations active in Palestine report at least 300 cases of Palestinian martyrs whose bodies were abducted by the Zionists and handed over to their families without body parts.

“Nancy Schipper Hodges”, an assistant professor at the University of California, the founder of the “Oregon Watch” Institute and one of the important specialists in the phenomenon of organ trade, said in a conversation with New York Radio: “The Israelis have an organized and amazing structure in buying and selling organs around the world.” , they have bank accounts everywhere and have employed people in this field and even organized translators and tourist companies with them.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Watch emphasized in its report that Israel is the only party in the world that detains the bodies of the dead, and this is a systematic policy for it. Israel is known as the biggest center of trafficking of human body organs and continues this terrible work by violating all international laws and standards that prohibit the detention of dead bodies.

This organization added that the Fourth Geneva Convention emphasizes the need to prevent the theft of corpses and their dismemberment in any war by both sides. Refusal to hand over the bodies of the dead to their families for an honorable burial in accordance with their religious beliefs constitutes collective punishment, which is prohibited under Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

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