Destroyer “Dilman” joined the naval fleet of the Northern Army – rahnam

According to the defense correspondent of rahnam news agency, the ceremony of joining the destroyer “Dilman” to the North Fleet and the 4th Marine Region of Imam Reza (AS) of the Navy, this Monday morning, was attended by Major General Mohammad Bagheri, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Amir Major General Mousavi, the Commander in Chief of the Army and The Iranian admiral was the commander of the army’s navy.

Dillman is the newest destroyer of the Navy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, weighing 1500 tons, which was designed and built under the supervision of the Navy and by the Marine Industry Complex of the Ministry of Defense.


Dillman is the most advanced destroyer of the Moj Project series of Jamaran-class destroyers that carries out its mission in the northern waters.

The Iranian admiral, the commander of the navy, said in this ceremony: Today, the North Nadaja fleet has the honor of receiving the latest achievement of the country’s defense industry, which was built with the round-the-clock efforts of all specialists and with the highest technology.

He added: “We are proud that based on the measures announced today, the North Nadaja fleet has improved its stability and permanence at sea, and in line with the safety of seafaring and dear seafarers, it is present with sophisticated and advanced equipment that is effective and efficient.”

The commander of the army’s navy stated: The Northern Fleet will be able to use this unique capacity by taking possession of the all-Iranian destroyer Dillman, according to the announced measures in the field of training the youth of this country.

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