The special entrance exam for Farhangian students will be held only in May/ the age requirement of 22 years to choose Farhangian University – rahnam

According to the social reporter of rahnam news agency, Abdul Rasool Pour Abbas said today in a press conference on the subject of registration for the 1403 bachelor’s entrance exam, in response to rahnam’s question about whether there is still an age requirement for registration in the education entrance exam, he said: Currently, the age requirement is still 22 for the education application. This year, of course, it must be approved by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, and its meeting will be held tonight.

He added: The Farhangian exam has a special booklet that is related to the teacher’s qualifications, and it is announced in the entrance exam manual which subjects it will be from.

The head of the evaluation organization said: The result of the education exam will be announced before choosing the field, and if the candidates are not accepted, they have the possibility to choose other fields, but if they are accepted, they will not be able to choose the field unless they withdraw, and we will determine a short period of time for them to withdraw. .

Pour Abbas noted: Most of the candidates are looking for Farhangian University rather than other fields because it has advantages such as employment.

Also, Ehsan Jamali; The technical and statistical deputy of Sanseh Organization today said in a press conference with the media: People who participated in the entrance examination in 1402 can register with the number of their portfolio and the password they chose.

He added: The registration is final when all the registration information is displayed on the last page and the registration code is provided.

Jamali stated: This year, the share of academic records is 50%, so the total score of last year’s academic records is not valid, and education and training creates a new total score for last year’s candidates.

He added: All candidates must have academic records, otherwise, a raw score of zero will be considered for them, and this means a negative balance score of 2000.

The Technical and Statistical Deputy of the Evaluation Organization stated: If the candidates do not have academic records, they can take action to create an academic record or restore grades in the June final exams.

Conducting entrance exams for educators only in May

He further said about Farhangian exam: This exam will be held only in May and we don’t have this exam in July, the preliminary results of several times the capacity will be announced in June 1403 and we hope that the final results will be announced before the selection of the main field of 1403.

The technical and statistical deputy of the assessment organization stated: Candidates who choose the group of educators, after answering the main notebook, the notebook of educators will be provided to them in the entrance exam, and the results will be announced in multiples of the capacity of this test based on 60% of the score. Entrance exam courses and 40% of the special grade is teacher training.

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