Reduction of the price of coins to the range of 28 million tomans – rahnam

According to the rahnam news agency, each coin of the new design (Emami) All-Bahar Azadi coin was sold at 28,847,000 tomans, with a decrease of 102,000 tomans, until 12:50 today, Sunday (December 5) in the Tehran market.

Each piece of old design full spring coin was traded for 25 million and 609 thousand tomans, which has decreased by 106 thousand tomans compared to the last price of the previous day.

A half coin was sold for 15,250,000 Tomans, a quarter coin for 10,300,000 Tomans and a gram coin for 5,750,000 Tomans.

The Imami coin bubble was 5 million and 108 thousand tomans and the Bahar Azadi coin bubble was 1 million and 870 thousand tomans.

An ounce of gold reached 2003 dollars in the world markets.

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