Iran entered the phase of El Nino/ the widespread lack of rainfall in November will be compensated in Azar – rahnam

In an interview with the rahnam news agency’s economic reporter, Ahed Tazifi said: In the past few weeks, the influx of warm air from North Africa towards the eastern side of Europe weakened the migrant systems that developed in the Eastern Mediterranean and then entered Iran.

He continued: In the rains of the cold season of the year, there are mainly very effective systems that develop in the eastern Mediterranean and further develop the currents of the lower levels from the sea side of the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea towards Iran.

He stated that “this year this did not happen due to the influx of hot air from the northern regions of Africa towards Eastern Europe and the Middle East”, and added: As a result, we encountered widespread lack of rainfall, especially in November.

The head of the National Climate and Drought Crisis Management Center of the Meteorological Organization emphasized that “November, especially the second half of the last month, was important for the country in terms of rainfall”, and added: “Fortunately, this situation has been resolved to some extent.” Last week, rain systems moved from the Eastern Mediterranean and Eastern Europe to the Middle East, which had good rains in the southwest and south of Iran.

“We hope that the rainfall conditions will improve gradually, especially in December, and the situation will be better than it is, considering the other peripheral conditions that are effective in rains and are in the right phase at the present time,” he said.

He also said about El Nino: Iran is in the El Nino phase in terms of temperature in the Pacific Ocean, i.e. the positive or warm phase. Statistically and not precisely, with El Nino, rainfall in Iran is more than normal, especially in the southern and southwestern latitudes of the country, and the tendency is to improve rainfall. These rains are especially in autumn and December.

Expressing that El Nino has a positive effect on rainfall, he stated: Of course, there are other factors influencing rainfall that are not predictable, these factors can increase or decrease the effect of El Nino in a short period of time, the same factors with the influx of warm air from the north. Africa caused the gyres of the Mediterranean region to strengthen and enter Iran to neutralize the structure of the El Niño influence.

The head of the National Center for Climate and Drought Crisis Management of the Meteorological Organization reminded: Normally, in El Nino years, the rainfall in Iran has been more than normal. Specifically, during the last half century, when we examine the long-term statistics, we reach the same numbers and figures. We hope that changes have been made. Gradually, the rains will improve and we will reach normal conditions at the end of autumn and early winter.

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