300 million loan payments without fees starting today – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, “Mohammad Hossein Hosseinzadeh”, the CEO of Resalat Bank, stated at the unveiling of Qarz Al-Hosna loan without fees: Many scholars do not consider loan fees permissible; A series of measures were taken 10 years ago and these measures accelerated in the last two years.

He added: In order for a loan institution to pay a loan without fees, it must identify cost-generating institutions, the most important cost-generating institutions are the branches and headquarters of the banks, with the efforts of all the friends and officials of the central bank, the bank without branches was implemented in the mission; 80% of costs were reduced.

The CEO of Resalat Bank noted: In Resalat Bank, the costs have been managed to some extent and we were able to implement the Qarz Al-Hosna loan without fees, which has some systems.

He emphasized: This issue was first raised in the Jurisprudence Council of the Central Bank, and then it was dealt with in the body of the Central Bank, and finally, with the notification of the Governor General of the Central Bank, it has been done in the pilot environment since 20 days ago, and now it is safe to start the generalization. We have loan payments without fees.

On the sidelines of this ceremony, Hosseinzadeh said in an interview with rahnam reporter about the validation model of the 300 million facility without fees: the validation model is based on two bases; First, according to the calculations and information that people give and based on that, the repayment ability of people is calculated. Second, the role of social capital and trustees in estimating borrowers’ repayment ability.

In response to the question that the use of trustees’ opinions in the repayment ability of borrowers is based on which validation model? He said: This is a new validation system that we started; The regulations of the Central Bank have given this permission to Resalat Bank.

Emphasizing that the fee-free facilities are paid only with electronic promissory notes, he clarified: Until now, the payment of facilities was made against other documents such as checks, property documents, etc., but now the facilities are paid only with electronic promissory notes. Promissory notes are received as collateral from borrowers.

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