Zionist circles’ analysis of the cease-fire in Gaza: Hamas and al-Sanwar have the upper hand / Israel is forced to extend the cease-fire – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, since the establishment of a temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip since Friday morning, Zionist circles and media have made numerous analyzes and evaluations of this ceasefire and its factors and results, but the point they all agree on is that Israel has to accept A ceasefire was reached and this means defeat.

Criticizing the surrender of the cabinet of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Hamas and accepting the prisoner exchange deal, Zionist analysts declared that this is a victory for the Palestinians who carried out operations against Israel. Some Zionist experts also said that Tel Aviv has to return the Israeli prisoners from Gaza and has no option but to negotiate.

Israel gave the Palestinians a free victory

In the same context, the Zionist regime’s Kan network quoted one of its experts as saying that since October 7, Israel has imposed severe restrictions against Palestinian political prisoners, especially those affiliated with Hamas and the Fatah movement, and that the Israeli Attorney General’s Office will not negotiate with them. had rejected But now we see that instead of trying these prisoners, the Israeli cabinet actually gave them a free victory and started negotiating about them. This is while these Palestinian prisoners are proud of the operation that Hamas did against Israel.

Hamas and Sanwar have the upper hand

Tsivi Yehzekili, a prominent Zionist expert, said in a conversation with the regime’s 13 TV channel, “We must be realistic, the fact is that Yahya al-Sanwar and Hamas currently have the upper hand and are doing very well in the prisoner exchange negotiations.” Israel makes a deal with Hamas and pays a price we don’t know what it is.

He added that among the disadvantages of this deal for Israel is that Yahya al-Sanwar uses only a quarter of his pressure cards against Israel, and this is in his favor; Because Israel has stopped the war against Gaza. However, we have no other solution for the release of Israeli prisoners. On the other hand, many differences have arisen between the families of prisoners and we are witnessing these differences publicly.

This Zionist expert clarified that the main headline of this deal so far is that Yahya al-Sanwar and Hamas are still working and have succeeded in turning the talk about the war into the talk about the Israeli prisoners inside Israel (occupied Palestine) and there is a lot of pressure from the families of the anti-cabinet prisoners. And there is an army.

“Orian Adar”, one of the family members of the Zionist prisoners, said in this context that we are living in very difficult and sad conditions and we feel that we are on the edge of the abyss. We do not know how and when this crisis will end.

Hamas was not defeated and still dominates Gaza

The Hebrew media also announced that those who previously thought that Hamas would be defeated will now see the progress of the war after 49 days. Hamas has proven that it is still strong and has control over Gaza.

Channel 12 of the Zionist regime announced in this context that al-Qassam battalions managed to establish a ceasefire in all areas of Gaza and Hamas knew how to keep Israeli prisoners. The fact is that Hamas did not surrender and was not defeated, and unfortunately we are far from realizing this.

The channel added that all the Israeli prisoners in Gaza have been neglected and betrayed by the Israeli cabinet, and if it does not do anything to return them, it will commit a second betrayal.

These media also pointed to the challenges of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip and the strength of the Palestinian resistance and emphasized that Hamas has not been destroyed and Israel suffered a strategic defeat. Especially after he failed to release a large number of Israeli prisoners in Gaza.

The Israeli TV channel 12 reported that Israel’s military monitoring body refuses to provide any operational plan for the military in the Gaza Strip; Even though none of Israel’s declared goals in the war have been achieved.

Israel failed to achieve any of its stated goals in the Gaza war

Nir Dovari, the correspondent of the military affairs of the Zionist regime, announced that Hamas has not been destroyed and the Israeli authorities have failed to remove the leaders of this movement. While this was one of Israel’s declared goals in the Gaza war. Regarding Israel’s other goal, the release of prisoners, we must also say that this goal has not been achieved and so far only a small number of prisoners have returned.

He demanded the extension of the ceasefire for the release of other Zionist prisoners and emphasized that we have no choice but to extend the ceasefire even for a long time.

Yesterday Friday morning, after nearly 50 days of war against Gaza, a four-day temporary ceasefire was finally established. On the first day of the implementation of the temporary ceasefire agreement, the first group of Palestinian prisoners from the prisons of the Zionist regime and the first group of Zionist prisoners who were with the resistance in Gaza were released under the supervision and management of the International Red Cross.

The sources of the Palestinian resistance warned about any action of the Zionist regime to violate the ceasefire, we consider ourselves bound to stop military operations during the humanitarian ceasefire period as long as the enemy considers itself bound by the ceasefire and adheres to it. Any violation of the ceasefire will be met with an appropriate response and our jihadi project will not stop until the complete liberation of Palestine.

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