The story of our country’s shooter about the special ring he took from the leader of the revolution + photo – rahnam

In an interview with the sports reporter of rahnam news agency, Amir Joharikho said about the ring he received from the Supreme Leader: On the day of the sports community’s meeting with the leader of the revolution, Javad Foroughi and I were together. I said that at the end of the ceremony, if we can get a gift from him as a blessing, Foroughi said to get a chafieh, but I said that I want the ring. We were already thinking about this.

The shooting bronze medalist of the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou continued: The ceremony started and I saw the ring in the hand of the gentleman. After the ceremony, I was able to go further, I called them and pointed to their ring. They also pointed to the ring on their hand twice to the effect that you want this? Finally, it was parted and I got the ring.

Joharikho stated: In this meeting, they mentioned supporting the athletes in the housing issue, but the most important point was the Zionist regime’s technical impact in the Al-Aqsa storm, which was an interesting analogy and had a sports example.

The archer of our country said: Gud was a good and very beautiful ancient sport. In this meeting, the athletes present in the Asian and Para-Asian games were present, which is considered a good event.

According to rahnam, the ring worn by Ayatollah Khamenei and presented to Joharikho had a remarkable inscription; “Martyr of Allah Soleimani, we are the nation of Imam Hossein”.

This was the same ring that the leaders were wearing during their visit to the exhibition of the IRGC’s aerospace achievements, and it had a special reflection in the domestic and foreign media.

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