The report of the Space Organization to the Crisis Management Organization about the flooded areas / “Khayyam satellite” photographed dozens of points – rahnam

According to the social group of rahnam news agency, Iran’s Space Organization has monitored different regions of the country using Khayyam satellite data in order to monitor the water resources of the country and the rainfall of the last few days in different regions of the country.

In this monitoring, Khayyam satellite has taken pictures of various parts of Lorestan and Khuzestan provinces, especially the city of Soudan and its surrounding villages, by receiving commands from the ground station, and the experts of Iran Space Organization and Space Research Institute analyzed the data of these images. .

Iran Space Organization

Based on the collected data, dozens of points in Lorestan and Khuzestan provinces, especially the banks of the Keshkan and Karkheh rivers, were evaluated before and after the recent rains, and the points that faced river flooding were identified.

The full report of these assessments has been provided to the country’s crisis management organization so that this headquarters can act more accurately in order to deal with the affected areas and plan for future rains.

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