The bodies of 2 more mountaineers were found this morning in Ashtrankoh – rahnam

Mohammadreza Fatehi in an interview with rahnam reporter About Referring to the discovery of the bodies of two other mountaineers in the heights of Ashtrankoh, he said: These mountaineers were found at 8:30 this morning by the efforts of Red Crescent rescuers.

He stated that the bodies of two climbers were also found in Ashtrankoh yesterday, adding that the bodies of four climbers of this incident have already been found and the search for another climber is ongoing.

Emphasizing that the identity of the climbers who died this morning is still unknown, Farmanaz Azna said: The bodies of the dead will be sent to their hometowns after necessary arrangements.

He said: “The funeral ceremony of the climbers who died in the Ashtrankoh incident will be held in Azna soon.”

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