Sheikh Al-Khazali: The unity of the resistance areas was founded by the Martyr General Soleimani/ The events in Gaza disgraced Israel and its supporters – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, Sheikh “Qais Al-Khazali”, Secretary General of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq Movement of Iraq, during his speech, addressed the recent developments of the battle with the American-Zionist enemy, as well as the encroachments of the American occupiers on the sovereignty of Iraq. Recent events prove that the presence of American forces in Iraq The presence is not advisory and the blood of Hashd al-Shaabi fighters shows the continuous violation of Iraqi laws by the US government.

American criminals in Iraq must be punished

During a television interview, al-Khazali mentioned the air attack that the American occupation carried out a few days ago against the Hashd al-Shaabi headquarters in Jaraf al-Nasr region, which killed 8 Iraqi resistance fighters, and said that the American forces that attacked the Iraqi forces have no immunity and must be punished. become The Iraqi parliament must take a firm stand against the American occupation.

He added that the Americans do not want to leave Iraq and the American government always threatens Iraq with the dollar card and the economy. Americans want to establish their occupation in Iraq under the pretext of fighting ISIS, but everyone knows that it was Iraq that declared victory over ISIS in 2017. Successive Iraqi governments hesitate to expel foreign troops due to American pressure.

America prevents Iraq from acquiring advanced defense systems

This leader of the Iraqi resistance emphasized that the United States is obstructing Iraq’s ability to defend its own skies. The Americans prevent Iraq from signing a contract with Russia and China to strengthen air defense systems. Iraq does not need the presence of an international coalition to deal with the remnants of terrorists. The reason for the presence of these forces in Iraq is to support the interests of America and the Zionist regime. The Americans use the Iraqi sky only to achieve their goals, and the last one was the attack they carried out in Jarf al-Nasr.

The Zionists suffered a lot of strategic losses in the Gaza war

Sheikh Al-Khazali further said about the developments in Gaza and the occupation regime’s aggression against the Palestinian civilians: The Palestinian people suffer the most oppression under the shadow of the occupation by the Zionist criminals, and therefore they decided to engage in armed struggle to liberate their land from the occupying enemy. The Palestinian people have a strong will to expel the Zionists from Palestine.

He clarified: The Zionist regime suffered a lot of strategic losses in the Gaza war, and with an army that is the so-called “strongest” army, it could not eliminate even one leader or commander of the Palestinian resistance. Now the whole world knows the extent of the rightness of the Palestinian people’s ideal and desire to establish their own state. The qualitative development of the Palestinian resistance has proven that the Palestinian people are close to regaining their land and rights.

The unity of the resistance areas was founded by General Martyr Soleimani

The Secretary General of Asaib Ahl al-Haq Movement of Iraq said: What is happening in Gaza has disgraced the Zionist regime and revealed the ugly image of all those who support the occupation. The Zionist regime and its supporting countries suffered a lot of losses against the Palestinian resistance. The unification of the resistance axis fronts in the region was planned by Martyr General Qassem Soleimani.

He continued, the issue of Palestine was and is the first issue in all fronts of the axis of resistance. The Iraqi resistance always has a clear participation in supporting the Palestinian people. The Zionist regime uses American weapons and money to kill the Palestinian people. The Americans are responsible for the genocide that the Zionist occupiers have launched against the Palestinians, and the blood of the innocent Palestinian people is the responsibility of the United States.

Sheikh Qais al-Khazali further pointed to the temporary ceasefire that started yesterday in Gaza and emphasized that the announcement of the ceasefire is a victory for the resistance and the Palestinian people. The Israeli army, which claims to be the strongest army, failed to identify and destroy the Hamas tunnel network. The will of the Palestinian people always wins over the barbaric Zionists.

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