The head of the real estate union acknowledged the violation of some real estate consultants/ Gooderzi: we can stop receiving commissions higher than the tariff – rahnam

According to the economic correspondent of rahnam news agency, the head of the Real Estate Consultants Union, referring to the decrease in housing prices since June this year, said: when there is no information on the statistics of empty houses and some houses are kept empty to sell at a higher price, fluctuations happen.

He added: We can manage the situation in such a way that in the real estate system, no real estate agent can receive a commission higher than the tariff. Everything should be registered in the system, similar to what is in official document offices.

Criticizing the entry of banks into the field of construction, he said: In Tehran, 3000 units belonging to one bank were identified in one case. When a bank or a government agency accumulates wealth for its own interests, it not only affects the housing market and the country’s economy, but also becomes a problem for the government, and the government is forced to look for other solutions to provide housing for the people.

He said: If we increase the supply of housing through production and have a comprehensive and strong database of empty houses so that we can enter them into the field of rent or sale, we can hope for the continued calm of the housing market.

The head of the Union of Real Estate Consultants added: If there are no critical and emotional events in the economy and housing, I think we will prosper next year.

According to rahnam, for a long time, one of the problems of the people in the field of real estate transactions is receiving a higher commission than the tariffs announced by the Union of Real Estate Consultants. For example, while the tariff for affidavit (buying and selling) is 25 percent from both sides of the transaction (half a percent in total), some real estate consultants charge 1 percent from each client and 2 percent in total.

This commission is a significant figure in the current housing market, where the average price per square meter of a residential unit in Tehran is about 76 million tomans. As an example, the legal tariff for a 100-meter unit with a value of about 7 billion and 600 million tomans (according to the Central Bank’s report regarding the average price of October this year) is 38 million tomans on both sides of the transaction.

But as mentioned, some real estate consultants receive 152 million Tomans for the mentioned transaction, which is 4 times the approved commission.

According to rahnam, if people complain to the Union of Real Estate Consultants about receiving a higher commission than the tariff, according to the Government Penalties Law, the delinquent real estate consultant will be fined up to 4 times the additional amount received.

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