Pashinyan: Baku is pursuing a communication project with Iran/we are ready to exchange prisoners with the Republic of Azerbaijan – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, Nikol Pashinyan said in a televised interview on Friday that he hopes Armenia and Saudi Arabia will officially establish diplomatic relations in the near future. They met twice, phone calls were made, contacts were made at multilateral working meetings, I think the process is progressing and in the near future Armenia and Saudi Arabia will establish diplomatic relations.

In response to the question, why does Armenia not leave the military bloc of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and is there no political will? He said: Armenia has a political will and decisions will be made based on necessity, which is due to the interests of Armenia. We will make a decision based on the state interests of Armenia. At present, if we have made a decision or not, our guide has been to direct the interests of the state of Armenia. Our records show that the collective security organization’s actions or lack of action do not meet its obligations towards the Republic of Armenia. In this context, the actions of the Collective Security Treaty Organization do not match the interests of Armenia.

The Prime Minister of Armenia added: We have raised this issue in a clear manner. Armenia wants to do everything until the last chance to fully understand this institution and make its position understandable to it.

Expressing regret that the Republic of Azerbaijan uses the purely humanitarian issue of prisoners for political purposes, Pashinyan stated: Azerbaijan’s actions are illogical. The government is focused on the issue of prisoners. We have declared our readiness to show flexibility in this matter and cooperate with Azerbaijan for the return of our prisoners.

He stated that, in addition, we have announced our readiness to exchange Azerbaijani convicts in Armenia with our prisoners based on the principle of all for all, and we consider it a completely humanitarian issue, and said: “In all cases, we will refer to the international courts of law.” Beshr and other possible legal entities have been referred. In several cases, we have decrees regarding the immediate measures of these institutions, which draw international attention to this issue. But I must say that it is obvious that the work cannot be considered enough until our captive brothers return to Armenia, and we will continue our efforts in this direction.

Regarding the return of the forcibly displaced population of Nagorno-Karabakh, the Prime Minister of Armenia also stated: After discussing and analyzing this issue, I understand that this return is unrealistic as of today. Why? Because after September 19, conditions arose that forced our brothers and sisters in Nagorno-Karabakh to leave Nagorno-Karabakh. The environment and policy of ethnic cleansing has not changed. Therefore, if it was realistic to return today under these conditions, they would not have left at all.

Pashinyan reiterated his government’s policy that the Armenian government will do everything so that the forcibly displaced people of Nagorno-Karabakh stay in Armenia if they do not have the opportunity to return to their homes, and reminded: After the forced displacement from Nagorno-Karabakh, witness We were the main departure of the Karabaghs from Armenia. Of course, we were concerned about this, but we assumed that they did not have the opportunity to travel for a long time, and maybe they were going to Russia, Europe or other places to visit family members, and then we saw the return flow.

He said: Now I can say that there is no significant outflow among our brothers and sisters who have been forcibly displaced, and I would like to express my satisfaction in this regard.

The Prime Minister of Armenia also said about the possibility of relations with Pakistan: This is our logic and we also have a constitutional provision that the Republic of Armenia will try and establish friendly relations with all the countries of the world. I assume that certain diplomatic work is being done in this direction, not at a high level, and will continue. The trends of the last 30 years are clear, our independence was not recognized and diplomatic relations were not established. We must understand the reasons for this and how to progress in this situation, which is not easy.

Pashinyan added: “When we succeed in signing the peace treaty with Azerbaijan, this situation will become a discussion that will help to establish diplomatic relations, including with Pakistan.”

Regarding Azerbaijan’s position regarding Armenia’s regional plan, he also said: Apparently, Azerbaijan is not interested in the peace crossroads project proposed by Armenia, because Baku is implementing the project of opening relations with Iran.

The Prime Minister of Armenia regarding whether there is a guarantee that Armenia will carry out customs and border control in its territory if the Crossroads of Peace project is realized? He emphasized that one of the principles of the Crossroads of Peace project is that each country conducts customs and border control in its own territory through its institutions. This is a proposal that we are making to our international partners, including Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran and Georgia, and the first reaction of Azerbaijan is that it seems that they are no longer interested in this project, because they have completed the project of communication with Iran. they give.

Pashinyan continued: We are absolutely not against it, but this is our proposal. If our proposal is accepted, the project will be realized.

Regarding the situation of the Russian border guards, he also said: Our policy is that the level of governance of Armenia should be continuously increased from an institutional point of view, and the Four Ways of Peace is one of these cases. The Crossroads of Peace project is about creating new infrastructure or improving the scope and quality of existing infrastructure. Armenia is ready to establish five checkpoints on the borders of Armenia and Azerbaijan for road infrastructure, including in Kayan, Sotek, near Karahunj, near Enggakot and Yarash.

The Prime Minister of Armenia continued: Also, the establishment of two checkpoints on the border of Armenia and Turkey in Akhorik and Margara for road infrastructure. Armenia is ready to guarantee connections between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey by reviving four railway sections in the territory of the Republic of Armenia. Armenia is ready to restore the Narnadzor-Agarak railway section and establish checkpoints near the borders, restore the railway section from Yeraskh to the Nakhchivan border and establish a checkpoint in Yeraskh, and restore the dilapidated sections of the railway from Gyumri to the Turkish border and create a Outpost in Akhorik.

Pashinyan stated that Armenia is ready to restore the worn-out parts of the railway from Hrazdan to Kayan and to establish a check point in Kayan. This will create new links between all the countries of the region. The principles of the Peace Crossroads are: All infrastructure, including roads, railways, airlines, pipelines, cables and power lines, are under the sovereignty and jurisdiction of the countries that pass through it.

He continued: Every country guarantees border control, customs control and infrastructure security, including the passage of vehicles, cargoes and people through its territory, through its government institutions. All infrastructure can be used for international and domestic transportation. Countries use all infrastructures on the basis of equality, and by observing these principles, border and customs controls can be facilitated by agreement and mutual agreement.

The Prime Minister of Armenia said: “With the revival of the lost sections of railways and railways and the opening of infrastructure, it will be possible to establish a continuous connection between the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea through a coherent and regional railway network, and through the roads of the North To the south and east to the west, the government of the Republic of Armenia emphasizes its commitment to contribute to the peace and stability of the region and take practical measures to create a crossroad of peace.

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