Monologue|If the Zionists violate the agreement, the hands of the resistance will be on the trigger – rahnam

According to the Arabic site of the rahnam news agency, “Haitham Abu al-Ghazlan”, the secretary general of the relations of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement in Lebanon, in a conversation with rahnam, explained the details of the four-day ceasefire agreement between the Palestinian resistance and the Zionist regime and the possible reaction of these groups to the violation of the agreement by the Zionist enemy. the payment.


In the introduction, he pointed to the numerous regional and international efforts to establish a ceasefire in the past weeks and Tel Aviv’s frequent disruptions in the path of this humanitarian break and said: Palestinian resistance groups and the Zionist regime with the mediation of Egypt, Qatar and the United States. They reached a partial four-day agreement on the exchange of prisoners. This agreement includes the release of Palestinian prisoners against a number of Zionist prisoners and some dual nationals in the Palestinian resistance prison.

The secretary general of relations of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement in Lebanon continued, referring to the history of the repeated violations of the Zionist regime in establishing a ceasefire and fulfilling its obligations, and added: if the Zionist enemy violates the terms of this agreement, the hand of the resistance will be on the trigger to restart the war. will be.

He continued: The Zionist enemy will never achieve its goals despite all the destruction, genocide and crimes against the women and children of Gaza.

At the end of this conversation, Haitham Abul-Ghazlan stated: As long as the Zionist regime continues its aggression, resistance to the battle from zero point, firing rockets towards the occupied territories, targeting Israeli commanders and soldiers, and most importantly damage to the economy and the domestic front. This regime will continue.

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