Selajgeh: We will not allow flares to burn the lungs of Khuzestan/setting a one-year deadline for turning off the flares – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency from Ahvaz, Ali Selajgeh, Vice President and Head of Environmental Protection Organization, on the sidelines of his visit to Karun Oil and Gas Exploitation Company’s refinery, said: “Today, considering the situation in Khuzestan province, we are discussing flare burning, flares that We visited the Karon complex when the gas is lit and burned. The complex that we are visiting now is the phase two Amax sweetening complex in the province, which was supposed to be completed in 1385 to 1389 and we will no longer witness flare burning in this area, but unfortunately, due to the change of management and the change of governments, it has happened in the Tayirati project. which has not reached those achievements.

He continued: The Minister of Oil previously promised that in 1401 the issue of flare burning will be resolved in 4 provinces west of the Karun River, and fortunately, we are satisfied with the performance of the Ministry of Oil in terms of quality improvement and optimization, and good steps have been taken, but we feel dissatisfied in this area. .

The vice president added: “Unfortunately, the burning of flares has caused problems for the people, and on the way we were coming, we saw that pollution was created in broad daylight, and people did not accept this from us.”

Selajgeh said: “During this visit, we talked with the oil company group and the experts here, and here I ask the honorable director general of the province’s environment to organize meetings with the group of the Ministry of Oil, especially the Karun and Marun groups, and solve the problem within a certain period of time.” Although these companies also have problems in the origin of the transfer and the destination of the transfer, maybe the destination as the recipient will not accept many of the products produced here, so it was decided to hold meetings immediately.

He emphasized: We will give this complex a maximum of one year to carry out the measures and not have any more flares. God willing, there will be no more flares in this collection on 9/2/1403.

The head of the Environmental Protection Organization pointed out: These burning flares are neither worthy of our country nor worthy of the Ministry of Oil. The Ministry of Petroleum has the capacity to reach global standards. Our oil is excellent in all its fluid levels and I hope this problem will be resolved soon.

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