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According to the rahnam news agency from Isfahan, Sardar Gholamreza Jalali at the Isfahan Province Engineer Martyrs Memorial, which was held in the presence of national and military officials and the families of the martyrs at the Foundation for the Preservation and Publication of Sacred Defense Values ​​of Isfahan Province, while honoring the memory of the martyrs, especially The martyrs of Ghaghe said: The crime of Gaza and the oppression of the martyrs of Gaza was a nullification of all the gestures of the Western countries claiming human rights. In other words, the West gambled heavily on supporting the Zionist regime and lost its political and cultural reputation.

According to him, the public opinion of the world is facing serious facts today. This incident tore the veil of hypocrisy, deception and demagoguery of the strange people who always tried to somehow hide their evil and malicious identity by deceiving the public opinion of the world.

He further enumerated the various sacrifices and services of the engineering community during the sacred defense period and said: The engineering community has performed many services both in the construction of defense fortifications and in the combat and military fields. That is, they built bridges and roads where necessary, and where there was a need for fortifications to slow down the enemy’s movement, they did their duty by creating minefields.

He stated that the spirit of engineers during the holy defense period was a mixture of expertise, sacrifice, bravery, courage and innovation, and added: Narrating these characteristics and passing them on to the young generation is a mission that is on our shoulders, which must be taken seriously. It should be paid.

The head of the country’s passive defense organization continued: At a point in the imposed war, after the initial attacks of the Baath regime stopped and the invasion of Iranian forces began, a structure under the same title was created to carry out measures in the field of technical engineering, in which we witnessed a huge engineering capacity. that made the impossible possible.

The masterpiece of defense engineers during the sacred defense period

Sardar Jalali stated that in many places where things were deadlocked, it was the engineers who opened the deadlocks with their own initiative, and said: Creating a passage by building a bridge, a sea crossing, crossing swampy lands and bringing roads to the islands are all It is among the masterpieces of defense engineers during the holy defense period.

He stated that knowledge, initiative, courage and courage were in the decision making of engineers as a support, creating a strategic force in the war for the realization of the impossible, and noted: these are lessons that should be passed on to the young and future generation. .

Sardar Jalali stated that engineering continued to operate after the war and said: a group of young engineers were added to the veterans of the war, which created a huge capacity that played an essential role in the construction of Iran after the war.

The head of the country’s passive defense organization stated that our engineering, which was dependent on foreign forces before the revolution, is now implementing huge complex projects by itself. The engineering capacities inside the country can be planned.

Sardar Jalali stated that we almost do not need foreign companies in the field of design and construction engineering and said: This self-sufficiency is the result of transferring the capacity and experiences of the holy defense to the new generation.

Stating that we have made great progress in the field of passive defense, especially in the field of defense, he pointed out that the construction of missile settlements is a manifestation of this indigenous engineering knowledge created by our young engineers, which is the result of a large part of our deterrence power. It is efforts.

We can design and build any underground defense plan in-house

The head of the country’s passive defense organization mentioned engineering as a living organism that witnesses development and transformation every day and is an activity in a new field that must be monitored and moved with.

Stating that today we have reached complete self-sufficiency in terms of technical and engineering knowledge in the field of passive defense, he clarified: We are currently capable of designing and building any underground defense plan that the country needs. This progress is the result of scientific growth along with the commitment to the Islamic revolution and the motivation of youth.

Saying that today we are witnessing a change in the field of threats against the country, Sardar Jalali clarified: We have encountered a range of threats that call all ranges of engineers to defend the country. In other words, today the defense of the country is a technical-engineering defense.

Referring to the emergence of intelligence in engineering science, the head of the country’s passive defense organization noted: despite the services that have been made available in this field, one should also pay attention to its dangers. Therefore, today our generation of young engineers must provide passive defense models in the field of intelligence and we must find out how to be safe from its threats while benefiting from artificial intelligence services.

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