Anti-Money Laundering Center warns banks/restriction of financial transactions for 1226 people suspected of money laundering – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam News Agency, with the implementation of Articles 83 to 85 of the Executive Regulations of the Anti-Money Laundering Law in the country regarding the creation of a database of persons suspected of money laundering and the application of restrictions announced by the Financial Information Center for these persons in financial and credit institutions, only for 1226 suspects with a total financial turnover of 107 thousand billion tomans before the restrictions were imposed, decreased to about 500 billion tomans after the restrictions were imposed.

The Financial Information Center has also expressed hope that the use of this legal capacity will be taken into consideration by all executive and governing bodies, and the way of looking at the fight against corruption will be changed from dealing with the corrupt to preventing the exploitation of money without a clear origin.

Correspondences have been made with the secretary of the commissions for dealing with violations and judicial and governance authorities, and we intend to make the information bank of suspected persons, high-risk persons, and persons under surveillance in the field of money laundering more complete day by day, and these types of persons are under supervision and control and in If necessary, put legal restrictions in order to manage the risk of business interactions.

Anti-Money Laundering Center’s warning to financial and credit institutions

In the end, the Financial Information Center has issued a clear warning to the financial and credit institutions. The Financial Information Center monitors the implementation of the instructions issued in the field of combating money laundering and accompanies people who, with any intention, are suspected of money laundering. will be dealt with within the framework of laws and regulations.

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