The forty-seventh day of “Al-Aqsa storm”. Announcement of ceasefire in Gaza / Netanyahu’s cabinet agrees with the ceasefire / 4 martyrs in the attack on the West Bank – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, occupied Palestine and Gaza witnessed important developments this Wednesday morning, on the 47th day of the Al-Aqsa storm operation, the most important of which is the announcement of a ceasefire agreement in this area between the resistance groups and the Israeli regime.

Even though there were whispers of an imminent ceasefire since late last night, Israeli regime fighters attacked the north, south, and center of the Gaza Strip, killing a number of civilians and destroying residential houses.

After six hours of struggling with the provisions and requests of the Palestinian resistance regarding the ceasefire and the exchange of prisoners, the Israeli cabinet agreed to this four-day ceasefire. Of course, three of Netanyahu’s ministers, who were affiliated with the Religious Zionist Party, have agreed to this truce. However, the announcement of this agreement was welcomed by the United States, and the country expressed its hope that Hezbollah and Israel in northern occupied Palestine would also stop the conflicts and implement a ceasefire.

👈 Follow the most important developments of the morning of the 47th day of Al-Aqsa storm operation below:


The Zionists’ attempt to evacuate the Indonesian hospital in Gaza

Local sources in Gaza claimed that the Zionist regime has started the process of forced evacuation of the Indonesian hospital and at the same time is arresting the medical staff and Palestinian citizens present in the hospital.

Bombing different areas of the Gaza Strip

🔹 The fighters of the Israeli regime targeted various areas in the Gaza Strip, including the north, center and south of this area (Rafah) with their airstrikes, as a result of which a number of martyrs and a number of others were injured.

In the city of Rafah, the bombing of the Saudi neighborhood led to the martyrdom of three people, including two women.

Taking out the bodies of 6 martyrs

The Palestinian media reported that the bodies of six martyrs from Al-Nuri and Badawan families, among them five martyrs, were pulled out of an apartment located in Al-Nusirat camp.

Hamas: The situation in al-Qassam field is reassuring

Hisham Qassem, one of the leaders of the Hamas movement, told the Qatari channel Al Jazeera that the situation of the Ezzeddin al-Qassam battalions, the military wing of this movement, is very reassuring in the field and there is no need to worry.

The White House: The release of the prisoners will probably take a long time

The US presidential palace announced that the release of Israeli prisoners from Gaza will probably take hours to several days after the ceasefire agreement is reached.

🔹 Maariv newspaper, published in the occupied territories, also wrote that in the weekly meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Israeli regime, the ministers were told that the exchange of prisoners will probably take place on Thursday of this week.

“Mekan” network also reported that the hospitals of this regime are preparing to accept Zionist prisoners who are supposed to be exchanged within the framework of the agreement.

“Yediot Aharonot” newspaper also reported that it is estimated that the temporary ceasefire agreement will probably be implemented within the next 24 hours.

Hamas: We reached a ceasefire agreement

Qatar’s Al Jazeera network quoted Hamas as reporting that the parties reached an agreement for a four-day ceasefire and a prisoner exchange during which 150 Palestinian women and children will be released in exchange for 50 Israeli women and children, and the attacks of the Israeli regime in All of Gaza will be stopped.

Netanyahu’s cabinet was involved in reviewing the ceasefire agreement for 6 hours

The Israel Radio and Television Organization announced that Netanyahu’s cabinet ministers were discussing and deciding on the ceasefire agreement and prisoner exchange with Hamas for six hours.

American official: We hope that the ceasefire in Gaza will be implemented between Hezbollah and Israel

🔹 Reuters news agency reported, quoting the American official, that the American government hopes that the ceasefire announced in the Gaza Strip between Hamas and the Israeli regime, in northern occupied Palestine and between Hezbollah and this regime will be divided.

4 martyrs in the Zionist attack on the West Bank

The Palestinian media in the West Bank, citing the Palestinian Ministry of Health in this region, reported that during the Zionist attack on the West Bank, the Israeli army used a drone, during which four Palestinian fighters were martyred in Tulkarem.

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