The duties of electricity and gas bills were determined in 1403 – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, according to the budget bill 1403, based on article (12) of the law on the addition of certain articles to the law on the regulation of part of the financial regulations of the government (2), each of the ministries of oil and energy through relevant subsidiaries is allowed monthly Four thousand (4,000) Rials will be collected from each residential unit of gas customers, three thousand (3,000) Rials from each residential unit of electricity customers, and 30,000 (30,000) Rials will be collected from each commercial unit of gas and electricity customers and used as resources. to deposit with the treasury of the whole country.

For rural subscribers, the above-mentioned amounts are equal to 50%, and subscribers without gas distribution are exempted from payment. The above amounts will not be subject to income tax and value added tax. The charges under Article (5) of the law on the protection of the electricity industry of the country approved on 10/8/2013 are determined at the rate of 10% (10%) of the amount of electricity consumed up to the ceiling of 89 thousand billion (89,000,000,000,000) Rials, rural and nomadic electricity subscribers. Allowed are exempted from the ruling of this part.

Thirty-five percent of these resources will be transferred to the account of Tawanir Company at the treasury of the country to support the development and maintenance of rural electricity networks and the relocation of electricity poles in rural roads, and the remaining 65% for the production of renewable and clean electricity and the development of renewable technologies with priority. Rural, nomadic, low-income households covered by the Imam Khomeini (RA) Relief Committee and the country’s welfare organization will be deposited into the account of the Renewable Energy and Electricity Efficiency Organization (SATBA) at the Treasury of the country, in order to exchange the agreement with the country’s program and budget organization The whole face is consumed.

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