The death of another hypocrite in Camp Ashraf 3/ the discovery of a mobile phone took the life of Mohammad Ali Sharifi – rahnam

According to the political correspondent of rahnam news agency, in continuation of the suspicious and large number of deaths of members of the group of hypocrites in the past few months, in recent days, another member of this group named Mohammad Ali Sharifi has been killed for suspicious reasons.

During the past months, various factors, such as the insistence on the departure and separation of the members of the hypocrites from this terrorist group, or the failure of the leaders of the group to respond to the suspicious and numerous deaths, have put a lot of pressure on the hypocrites, and the differences between those confined in the Ashraf 3 headquarters and the cadres of the group have increased. and now with the death of Mohammad Ali Sharifi, these differences have increased.

According to rahnam, Mohammad Ali Sharifi, the son of Mirza Hassan and Khadija, born in 1339 in Isfahan, was one of the protestors who, due to the pressures caused by long-term meetings, due to the conflict he had with the organization, and due to the fact that he had a history of heart disease, He had a heart attack and died.

According to the information obtained by the rahnam reporter from an informed source, Ali Sharifi has recently been severely pressured and tortured by the cadres of the Munafekin group.

One of the reasons for this incident was the discovery of Sharifi’s personal mobile phone during the secret inspection of the group and the discovery of evidence that he coordinated and followed up with his family and fled to Iran.

In the report of Sharifi’s death by the Mufaqeen staff, the cause of death is that he did not survive the surgery, while according to the available information, Sharifi was not admitted to any hospital and has no medical records.

The scenario of whitewashing the death of hypocrites

Documentary revelations about the suspicious deaths of the members of the Munafekin have resulted in a wide wave of conflicts within the group, and this has increased the pressure on the authorities of the Munafekin. For this reason, the staff of this terrorist group, in order to get rid of the internal pressures as well as the pressure of international organizations, by planning a new scenario, they have ordered the elements who commit suicide or suffer from heart or brain attack during the meetings of the group under mental and physical torture. are transferred to medical centers in Albania and by paying a bribe, a fake certificate is issued to these people.

Accordingly, the real cause of Sharifi’s death (death caused by torture) has also been “cleansed” by issuing a fake certificate.

Among the interesting points in the records of Mohammad Ali Sharifi, he was pardoned in the 60s in Iran.

Sharfi was arrested once in the early 60s and released from prison after some time.

He was arrested for the second time in the houses of the team of the hypocrites and after about 3 years of imprisonment, despite the fact that he was given a heavy punishment due to his membership in terrorist groups, he was pardoned by the announcement of his innocence by the hypocrites and their leaders. .

In 1363, after the amnesty board issued the sentence of freedom and declared acquittal against the hypocrites, he joined their headquarters in Iraq and even participated in various operations.

In a part of his acquittal letter addressed to the Pardon Board in Urmia Prison, Mohammad Ali Sharifi wrote: “I, Mohammad Ali Sharifi, the son of Mirza Hassan, hereby declare my disgust and hatred towards the terrorist group of the hypocrites and its hated leader Masoud Rajavi. While expressing my regret for my past actions due to ignorance and being influenced by the lies of this group, I undertake from now on to cut off all my organizational and non-organizational relations with this organization and in case of arrest for the third time. I will receive severe punishment and condemnation.”

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