Tax exemptions for publishers and booksellers will be canceled in one step / Ahmadvand: We are trying to return the exemptions – rahnam

According to the cultural reporter of rahnam News Agency, in the bill proposed by the government to the parliament for the budget of 1403, the tax exemption for publishers has been reduced from 100% to 25%, and fifty million tomans has been considered for natural persons, while in the early years In the 1990s, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance made a lot of efforts to implement the tax exemption for publishers, so that after a decade of the approval of this law, the exemption was implemented. In the following years, although the publishers always had conflicts with the tax auditors to benefit from this exemption, in principle the exemption was not in doubt and brought positive results for the publishing field.

Now, by reducing the exemption from 100% to 25%, many problems will naturally arise in this field. rahnam News Agency has entered into a conversation with Yasir Ahmadvand, Deputy Cultural Director of the Ministry of Guidance, to investigate this issue

Ahmadvand said in an interview with rahnam about this issue: In the bill proposed by the government to the parliament, the exemption was seen as minimal and this does not meet the conditions of the activists in the field of publishing and bookstores.

He continued: The expert opinion of the vice president and publishers and booksellers is that this decision can seriously disrupt the development process of the publishing business and it is necessary for the Ministry of Guidance to take a serious stance on this issue and try to This should be corrected.

Ahmadvand clarified: The Minister of Guidance also decided to enter into this issue, in this regard, he had a conversation with the Minister of Economy and the explanations and concerns were brought to the notice of Mr. Khandozi. In the end, it was decided that this problem will be resolved with the diligent follow-up of Mr. Wazir, and publishing houses and bookstores will continue to benefit from the tax exemptions in the law. .

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