Sardar Radan demanded an increase in the amount of traffic fines from the government – rahnam

According to the social reporter of rahnam news agency, Sardar Ahmadreza Radan; This morning, during the ceremony of opening and operating the newly built traffic police buildings across the country, the Chief Police Commander stated: Most of the accidents are related to the violations of 6 to 7 percent of the drivers, and these people must pay for the violations, and for this reason We request the government to take necessary measures in order to increase the cost of violations.

He added: The increase in traffic fines will definitely have a direct effect on the reduction of fatal accidents and accident victims.

Pointing to the necessity of making the police more intelligent, Radan said: “We cannot continue to be captives of old croquis and we must use electronic croquis.” We have to update our power.

The Chief of Police stated: Once upon a time, people had to come in person to change license plates, which of course was a good action at the time, but now this procedure must be corrected.

He said: Instead of people going to the police to change license plates, the police should go to people’s places and change the license plates.

Radan said: “The traffic police, which is a police showcase, should move towards intelligentization as soon as possible.”

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