Qatar: The 4-day humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza can be extended – rahnam

According to the report of rahnam International News Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar announced in a statement about the cease-fire agreement in Gaza and the exchange of prisoners that Qatar’s mediation efforts with Egypt and the United States between Israel and the Hamas movement have been successful.

The statement continued, these mediation efforts led to a humanitarian ceasefire agreement, the start of which will be announced within 24 hours. This humanitarian ceasefire will last for 4 days and can be extended.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar further emphasized that this agreement also includes the exchange of 50 Israeli prisoners with a number of Palestinian women and children. The number of prisoners to be released will increase in the next stages of the implementation of the agreement. Also, according to this cease-fire, more relief aid, including fuel, will enter Gaza.

According to this statement, the government of Qatar emphasizes the continuation of its diplomatic efforts to reduce tensions and stop killings and protect civilians.

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