Governor of Central Bank: Liquidity growth reached 26.4% – rahnam

According to rahnam news agency’s government reporter, Central Bank Governor Farzin said on the sidelines of the government board meeting and among the journalists: We announced at the beginning of the year that our target for liquidity growth is 25%, and we have reached 26.4% from 42% so far, and we hope to reach 26.4% by the end of the year. Let’s reach about 25%.

He added: We have a large number of exchange offices, and our lack of satisfaction with the exchange offices caused us to dissolve the exchange office, and the licenses of the exchange offices that did not comply with the regulations were also revoked.

The head of the Central Bank continued: We passed new regulations in the Money and Credit Council to fundamentally change the exchange license and soon we will announce the new law on exchange licenses.

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