Budget 1403| The details of the salary increase of employees, retirees and pensioners in the budget/salary ceiling is 65 million – rahnam

According to the economic reporter of rahnam news agency, the review of note 16 of the 1403 budget bill shows that an 18% increase in the salaries of government employees and a 20% increase in the salaries of military and country retirees have been included in the bill.

In paragraph 2 of Note 16, it is stated that the minimum amount of the employment order for salary earners, the minimum salary and continuous benefits of employees covered and not covered by the Civil Service Management Law, the minimum salary of retirees and conscripts covered by the National Pension Fund and the Social Security Organization of the Armed Forces and other funds related to the executive bodies is eighteen The percentage (18) increases. The difference between the implementation of Article (78) of the Civil Service Management Law. The budget law of the year 2018 of the whole country remains unchanged in terms of rights. 3000 points, the subject of the single article of the law amending the budget law 1401 of the whole country, is fixed and does not affect the calculation of any of the salary items and extra salaries and other payments.

In paragraph 3 of Note 16, it is stated that in the implementation of Article (16) of the Family and Youth Protection Law, the allowance for family expenses and children’s rights is the subject of Paragraph (4) of Article (68) of the Law on the Management of State Services of Employees, equivalent to 2900 and 1780 Rials respectively. 2,850 and 1,750 pensioners respectively are subject to Article (16) of the aforementioned law.
The Martyrs Foundation and the Affairs of the Veterans of the Welfare Organization of the Ministry of Defense and Support of the Armed Forces are obliged within the limits of the approved credits related to veterans and disabled veterans who are not in employment and have no income, who are not eligible to receive duty pay according to the laws of the armed forces. Job and income and disabled veterans without job and income and severely and very severely disabled and without job and income should pay monthly subsistence allowance, the amount of which is determined within the framework of the executive regulations approved by the Board of Ministers.

In paragraph p of this note, it is emphasized that the net payment ceiling in the whole country for the employees of all institutions and retirees and conscripts will be 65 million tomans, and payment in excess of this ceiling is prohibited.

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