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rahnam news agency’s political group During the past few days, the first stage of examining the qualifications of the candidates for the Islamic Council elections was completed by the executive committee of the elections, and it was found that the qualifications of some prominent political figures (both among the current representatives and among other political activists) were not approved by this committee. Is.

Masoud Mezikian is the current representative of the people of Tabriz in the parliament and is one of the most famous of these people.

Although the decision of the Election Executive Board is considered an initial opinion and can be revised in the next stages of examining candidates’ qualifications, it seems that it was possible to check the qualifications of people like Mr. has a parliamentary term) could face less strictness.

Of course, this does not mean the full approval of all the positions and statements of Mr. Al-Badzikian (some of which can be seriously criticized), but it seems to create a passionate election with the presence of different classes of people at the ballot boxes, which is emphasized. All sympathizers of the system and especially the supreme leader of the revolution, a wide range of political activists and sympathizers should be present in the election arena, which is important first with the serious determination of these people and then by adopting an open approach and with Sa’ah Sadr (with It is possible to consider the main red lines of the system) by the inspection bodies.

The active presence of people such as Masoud Mezikian in the country’s political arena is that many of his like-minded and party members on the reform front, contrary to the extreme positions and marginalization that they take especially during elections, not only do not have a serious presence in the arena, but with this Sharp approaches and creation of political margins also seek to lower the participation rate in the elections.

Of course, this effort can be investigated in several ways, one of which can be the people’s disapproval of this trend, and now they are trying to create margins by withdrawing from entering the election arena and avoiding putting their acceptability on the test of public opinion. In the political arena, naturally, one of the results can be the decrease of people’s participation in the voting booths.

This extreme behavior in the reform front has in many cases had a great impact on the positions of the more balanced people of this front, so that many of them, despite their inner desire, lose the possibility of active participation in the political arena, especially in the elections. .

In the meantime, the actions of people like Mr. Mezikian and many other moderate and moderate reformers who have their hearts in the group of this country and seek to motivate more people to vote at the polls seem more and more important. arrive

As mentioned above, this note does not mean to approve all the behavior and positions of people, but despite the difference of opinion in many cases, it is impossible to ignore their merits in various areas from simple life to following the principles of the Islamic system. And having concern to solve people’s problems.

As a political activist, people such as Mr. Bishikian, in important situations such as the sedition of 1988, the events of 1998 and even the recent riots, while maintaining their critical view of the performance of some government institutions and organizations and the government in defense of the country’s territorial integrity, the principles and values ​​of the revolution Islami stands tall and has always maintained a compassionate and sometimes fair critical view and demarcation with the enemy, which can be a model as a fair and compassionate critic.

Considering that Mr. Mezikian and some other people whose qualifications have not been approved by the election executive board have decided to file a legal protest for re-examination, we can expect that the relevant institutions, especially the Guardian Council, will take a more open look at this issue. act so that in the upcoming elections in March of this year, we will witness the presence of as many people as possible at the polls.

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