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According to the cultural reporter of rahnam news agency, when Mohsen Hajji, one of the defenders of the shrine, was captured by the Takfiris and was unjustly martyred, it had a wide reflection in the world and wounded the spirit of every free person. After his martyrdom, Sardar Qassem Soleimani announced in a speech: “We will avenge Mohsen Hajji!”

Some time later, Haj Qasim made a promise during another speech commemorating one of the martyrs who defended the shrine, which surprised many. Will what they heard from Sardar happen? Haj Qasim announced that “in three months, the rule of ISIS will be over on this earth.” Rajazi, which Haj Qasim recited, had a sweetness for the people of the Middle East, especially the people of Syria and Iraq, who had seen the worst tragedies with their own eyes in several years of the brutality of these terrorist groups, and they were afraid that they might not taste its sweetness. But Sardar Soleimani said these words with such strength and firmness that it was clear that the general, experienced in hard battles, had pre-determined all the plans for this important goal, so that he would reach it without any problems.


Less than three months after the general’s words, on this very day, 30 Aban 2016, Haj Qasim promised the victory he had promised. In a letter to the leader of the revolution, he informed about this important event and in a part of it, referring to the crimes of ISIS, he wrote: “In this incident, very painful crimes occurred that cannot be shown; Among them: beheading children or flaying men alive in front of their families, taking innocent girls and women captive and raping them, burning people alive and mass slaughtering hundreds of young people.

The crimes that Sardar Soleimani had mentioned earlier: I saw with my own eyes that the Takfiris captured a mother and forced her to eat her child’s cooked meat! Tragedies that are very difficult to understand.

Haj Qasim writes in the last part of this letter:

“Haqir, as a soldier commissioned by Hazrat Ali in this field, upon completion of the operation to liberate Abu Kamal, the last stronghold of ISIS, by lowering the flag of this American-Zionist group and raising the flag of Syria, I announce the end of the control of this cursed evil family and on behalf of all the commanders and The anonymous Mujahideen of this scene and thousands of martyrs and veterans defending the Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian, Lebanese, Afghan and Pakistani shrines who sacrificed their lives to defend the lives and vows of Muslims and their sanctities, this very great and decisive victory to His Highness and the nation. I congratulate the honorable Islamic Iran and the oppressed nations of Iraq and Syria and other Muslims of the world, and I bow my forehead in gratitude to the Almighty God for this great victory.

And victory is from Allah, the Mighty, the Wise.
Your child and soldier
Qassem Soleimani”

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Immediately after this letter, a wide coverage was published in the world media.

The Supreme Leader also responded to the proud leader of Islam in a letter and said in a part of that letter: “This was not the only blow to the oppressive and Russian group of ISIS; It was a harder blow to the malicious policy that was aimed at creating a civil war in the region and destroying the anti-Zionist resistance and weakening independent governments by the evil leaders of this misguided group; It was a blow to the previous and current governments of the United States and its affiliated regimes in this region, which created this group and supported it in every way to expand its evil domination in the West Asian region and make the usurping Zionist regime dominate it. By disintegrating this cancerous and deadly mass, you did a great service not only to the countries of the region and to the Islamic world, but also to all nations and to humanity.”

But in the following, see only a part of the malice of the most evil people of the present age, what they did to Syrian women and girls, and if Haj Qasim, along with his other mujahid brothers in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and What would the absence of the region look like?


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