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According to the social correspondent of rahnam news agency, the students of primary schools in Tehran today went to school for the first time but without bags and books. And they experienced lesson bells with games and skills.

This experience was pleasant and different for many primary school students, Mehrsa and her friend are second grade primary school students who went to school today without bags and books, they welcome this and say that they brought food to school instead of books and notebooks and is to make crafts with the help of the teacher.

We fall behind in lessons; We don’t have a day without a bag!

Mohammad Ama is a 6th grade student of a primary school in District 13 of Tehran, who heard the news of the day without bags and books from the media and was very excited to experience it, but he says: the school did not allow us to go without bags and books, they said that we will not implement this day at all. Because you fall behind in the lessons!

The main goal of the Ministry of Education is to create a cheerful environment in the school and experience a different kind of learning.

Education officials emphasize that one of the goals of the day without books and bags is to reduce the dependence of teachers on textbooks so that they know that education can be provided without relying on textbooks, however, some teachers are so used to traditional teaching methods. They have done that they did not go without bags and books under the burden of the day’s performance!

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Now the day without bags and books is implemented in the middle school in the form of holding camps, but elementary students go to camps less due to their conditions, so the day without bags can be an experience of another type of learning that is close to real life.

The symbolic ceremony of this program was held today at Jannett girls’ primary school in Tehran’s 8th district, a school where you can see the joy in the children’s eyes from the moment they enter.

Baking bread and sweet experience for first graders

Some of the first graders are playing traditional games with their teacher in the yard, such as chain-weaver uncle, and some are experimenting with baking bread in a corner of the yard with the help of the grandmother of one of the students.

elementary school, students,

Mrs. Mammouli, a second grade primary school teacher with 27 years of work experience, who appeared in the classroom in Gilani traditional dress and her students are making crafts and bracelets in the classroom, says: “Education with games and practical work has many positive effects on children’s learning. I have been working with this method for many years and it is necessary that in all 6 grades of elementary education children should be accompanied by practical work and games.

elementary school, students,

Controlling children’s stress through play and learning

When teaching with games and practical work is provided, it is very attractive for students, but some teachers do not accept this style of teaching because they are bored or used to traditional methods, I can confidently say that teaching with games, stress children controls the Last year I had a student who was nauseous due to the stress of asking lessons, but when education was combined with play, his fear was removed from school. I believe that children should be kept happy and having a healthy generation is much more valuable in terms of mental health. He is one of the holders of high academic degrees with depression or psychological problems.

Masoumeh Najafi Pazouki; The deputy of primary education of the Ministry of Education told rahnam about the day without bags and books: Teachers should know that the textbook is only a tool and the teacher should not be so attached to the textbook, but rather he needs to create a learning situation on the way to acquiring basic competencies.

He added: The goal of the day without books and bags is to remove textbooks from students’ desks and teachers no longer have to worry about budgeting textbooks and lack of time. On this day, teachers plan for different parts of student education that are similar to real life. Is.

Why are some schools unwilling to implement the day without bags and books?

The deputy of elementary education of the Ministry of Education in response to the question that how often will the day without bags and books be implemented in elementary schools? He said: The Minister of Education emphasizes that this program should be repeated more often, but first we must fully explain the objectives of the day without bags and books for teachers and offer them a number of learning situations so that they receive the model.

He continued: When this work is done, if the number of days without bags and books increases in schools, teachers will not resist it. Now they are used to textbooks and are constantly worried about falling behind in lessons.

In response to the question why some schools did not agree to implement the day without bags and books, Najafi Pazuki said: The education districts of Tehran had informed the schools about the issue and in this situation, the program is usually implemented in 90% of schools. Our recommendation is to implement it in all primary schools in Tehran, but we need to make the program stronger so that the teacher himself welcomes it.

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